Nobody said it was easy

It all starts when Stella's best friend Eleanor starts dating Louis the most popular guy on school, Stella starts getting abused by her boyfriend and as the best revenge after breaking up she kisses his best friends and stuff starts to happen that she never imagined.


1. Nobody said it was easy

Nobody said it was easy
Hello, Im stella and Im 14 years old and my story starts here...
My parents got divorced when I was 10, I have an older brother named Nate his 18 but lives with my mom I live with my dad, me and my brother are close but I don't really get to see him much. I think my mom hates me she's so cold to me when I go to her house and see my brother. 
I've always had everything I wanted even though my dad is never home he gives me everything I want and I have a maid named alicia she's suppose to look after me but she doesn't, well she kind of does but either way she doesn't. 
This is how my story starts...

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