Short Storys

This WILL have sad storys and stuff in so if u dont like blood and stuff dont read. sum 1 sad. some r true.


1. To Emo Lovers

One boy and one girl where lying on the floor talking to each other about there sad pasts. Upseting pasts. They cryed but huged each other.  Held eaach other tight. They loved each other so much.But the boy was holding something. Somthing shinny. The girl didnt know though. They stayed up to late hours. Crying in each oothers arms. They cryed them selfs to sleep. The girl woke up. In a wet patch on the floor. She couldnt see because it was still dark. ♥ . She turned the light on and looked. It was blood. She grabed her boyfriend and asked if he was ok. She looked and saw her had stabed him self. There was a note on the side its read.

" i love u babes, so much, But i want to be with my mum up in heaven, i cant stand how she died, its not your falt that i feel like this, its just i cant take it anymore, i sit there at night crying all the time, I LOVE U ♥!"

The girl was in shock,she panicked, the first thing she thought off was being with him. So thats what she did. She lyed down with the knife in her hand. She out her boyfriends arms around her. She grabed the knife and stabed her self. She huged her boyfriends body tight.


They were together. FOREVER ♥

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