Breaking Apart (FAMOUS)

TT and Hayley are really good friends. Then they go out for Dance Team and go to state. They meet somebody and all they wanted was to have sometime with each other. But when ever these boys break them a part these other boys bring them back together as friends again!


4. Try Outs

TT's POV~ 

Today is the day we go back to school and have the try outs for the dance team. I am so nervous. I know that Hayley and I have been practicing and my mum loves it. She says we look sharp and stuff. See when ever she was in high school she was a dance team, cheerleading, and drill team captian. She was very good at it. So she helped us look sharp and look our best. I finally got to school from my mum dropping me off and then her going to work. Hayley can drive here but more time she likes to walk for the exercise. I would do the same but I live farther away then she does. So I would always wait for her to get to school. 

"Hey Hayley!"

"Hey TT. Long time no see."

"I know right. I am so nervous about today."

"Yah I am too. I know we can do it. Your mum really helped us alot. At least we get to skip science and math today."

"Yep and yah. We get to leave right after Lunch."

"Yah cant wait."


We walked into the school and went to our first class which was Home Ec. I love that class. Hayley did too. We were going to be cooking today. We are going to be cooking cookies. Can't wait because I am hungry cause I dident have any time to eat. I had woke up late today. So after home Ec was over and I am not hungry any more. Hayley and I went to our first two classes which were Language Arts/English and History/Social Studies. We went to lunch and right as we got out of the lunch room they came on the intercom and said:

"Everybody who is signed up for the Dance Team this year please report to the Autatorium please."

Hayley and I walked to the room and we had got ready to dance. We had on a black shirt that said Dance Team with the British colors on them. Then we had on black dance pants and British shoes. I had British Toms. So we looked really good. Hayley went to draw a number so we could see when we go. She had came back and we were number 13. So 3rd to last. That is not bad. At least we have time to practice. They called every single number so the dancers would come on out. All of the dancers we watched just walked out and got in their spot. Hayley and I had worked on going out sharp and looking nice and walking straight to out spot looking good and sharp. Also smiling was a huge thing too. 

"Number 12 please."

Ohh god we are next.It will be okay. I know we will do great. Their song stopped and ended they walked off.

"Number 13 Please"

We both looked at each other and I walked out with Hayley walking behind me. We turned to look at the Judges. Then the music started playing and we both started smiling. We were having a really great time dancing. Then the song ended and I yelled....

"5, 6, 7, 8, 1" We both went from our pose to our beginning were we walked in with our hands at side and we walked out. They called for the other two numbers and we both knew we did great. I dident care if we won, I was just so happy that we had a great time out their and that we did what we could do.

"Everyone please come and take a seat. Everyone came a took a seat in a chair.

"Okay, so all of us have desided to tell you today instead of waiting. Everyone did great. Hope you all had a great time doing this. We all loved watching you guys dance. So the winner for today is.......... Hayley and Taylor."

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