Breaking Apart (FAMOUS)

TT and Hayley are really good friends. Then they go out for Dance Team and go to state. They meet somebody and all they wanted was to have sometime with each other. But when ever these boys break them a part these other boys bring them back together as friends again!


8. Dance Practice

*Taylor's POV*

Hayley, Danielle and I all got back to the house after we explored and ate at some places which were actually really good.

I figured out that Bangers and Mash are really good. They are not bad. 

When we got home we had put our bags in our room. Yes, Danielle took us shopping it was so awesome and fun.

Danielle had to go cause she had dance practice. I had gone up to my room and put away cloths and made the house look nice.


The whole day I was upstairs watching movies and Hayley was downstairs talking on her phone. I had gone down and see if she was hunger so I made her something quick and went back upstairs. I was not really hungry after today. I went back upstairs brushed my teeth, my hair, washed my face and then put on some pjs and headed to bed. I was really tired after today.

*Next Day*

I woke up the next day and got changed into this:

With out the cat thing. I thought I would dress into something that I could dance in. Like yoga pants. I walked downstairs and yelled for Hayley to come on. She came down with this on:

I looked at her like 'What are You Wearing.' Look.

"What is that for?" she asked.

"How are you suppose to dance in that?" I asked her.

"Oh I have some cloths in this bag. I wanted to were something nice just incase we go out again or something."

"Oh okay. Well, lets go."

It took us about an hour drive to get to where we were going. Hayley took a nap for a little bit and once we got there I woke her up and we went inside.



"Im scared now."


"I dont know I just am."

"Don't worry Hayley it will be fine."

"Okay Taylor."

We walked down to where the dance room was. When we got in there there was 5 people with hoods and sunglasses on so we could not see them and Danielle was there too. She was talking to them then once we got in there everything went quiet. All 6 of them looked at us. They just stood there for a little bit then:

"Hey Girls.... You guys are a few minutes early. Which is awesome." Danielle said.

"Yah, thought better be early then late." I said.

"Yah, That is true. You can come in and get stretched."


"Than you can show us your guys dance."


"Oh yh Sorry guys. This is Lucas, James, Blake, Jayden, and Henry."

"Hi. Nice to met yo guys." Hayley and I said while shaking there hands. They all shook there heads. Wonder why they aren't talking.

"Hey Dani?"

"Yah Hayley?"

"Where is the bathroom so I can change."

"Oh here Henry can you show her?"

He just shook his head as a yes. Then they both left. 

Then I turned to Danielle.

"So why arent they talking." I whispered.

"I dont know maybe they are just shy." Then on one of them whispered something into Danielle's ear.

"Okay Jayden. Be back here in like 5 minutes so we can start okay?"

He just shook his head. Then they all left but one. They did the same thing.

"Okay Lucas." Omg it is bothering me that they wont talk. Uh.

Right as Lucas was walking he tripped and his sunglasses flew off and so did his hood. I ran over to him and helped him up.

"Oh crap." I heard Danielle say. I looked at Lucas and said.

"Are you okay?"

"Yah, im fine." He said. He looked at me and I looked at him. There was something different about this boy. 

"Um..... I will be right back." Lucas said.

Then he left.

*Hayley's POV*

Henry was taking me to the bathroom so I could change. We were walking and I had asked him if he could let me see his face and he just shook his head as a no. This is making me wonder and worried. We finally made it and I asked him if he could wait so I dont get lost he shook his head as a yes. 

While I was changing I heard Henry's name be called. I listen carefully.

"Henry. Henry."

"Yah, Lucas."

"She found out."

"What are you talking about?"

"Remember how there was two girls."


"Yah, her and the other one?"

"Yah, She never said her name so I dont know her."

"Well, she figure out."

"That were One Direction?"

"Well, I dont know maybe. She called me Lucas still and we stared at each others eyes for a little bit. I dont know if she even knows us."

Okay lets get something straight. Taylor Loves One Direction like me. But she only loves there music. I asked her one day who she like n she said she didn't know she just said Louis was cute. But see she does not know them like there personality like me or who they are like there names and stuff she just knows there songs and that is it. So she probably didn't know that was One Direction. Omg One Direction is with us going to watch us omg. This can't be happening. Sorry I dont fangirl so everyone can see I just fangirl on the inside.

I walked back out of the bathroom in yoga pants and a t-shirt. Henry which I think is Harry. I have no clue. We walked all the way back to the room in silence. Everyone was there too. Danielle was talking to Taylor about something and then Henry put his arm around my shoulder and talked me over to Danielle.

"Thanks Henry." He shook his head and went back over to the others. Then Taylor went over to one of them and told them something and they laughed about it. I have no clue what is going on but I know something is not right. I called Taylor over so I could asked her something.

"Whats up?"

"What is going on?"

"Oh when you left Lucas tripped over something and fell and his hood and sunglasses came off. I went over and helped him up and he said he was okay. Then we kept looking at each other then he went to go and get you guys. Then he came back and we have been joking around with each other that is it. Telling each other jokes."

"Oh, I see..... Well, It bet if I told you that they might be One Direction..... Would you believe me?"

"No. I would not believe anyone unless I would really see them. Cause People would probably joking with me." She said.

"But..... Im not." Right before she could answer Danielle called us over to come and show her our dance. I hope she like it.

*Taylor's POV*

Hayley told me that they were One Direction. I really don't believe it. Right before we turned around to start the dance off Lucas smiled at me and I smiled back. Then Danielle played the song Kiss You.

*After dance is done*

We finally got done with the dance and Danielle came over to us and helped us make our dance look nice. It was so much better and I never knew something that I did wrong..... Lucas looked at me again and smiled again which I did back at him..... Then they turned around too..... I have no clue why they just did. Then Danielle said that what ever happens we need to keep on dancing. We shook our heads and turned around. The music played and we turned back around so did the boys and they started to sing while we dance. I looked at Hayley and she mouth 'told you' while smiling really huge. I still had on my small smile. I was not to happy..... I was really upset cause I have no clue what to do..... I have a boyfriend who is cheating on me...... Yes I stil have to break up with him. I just dont know right now. It is hard to make a choice and what to do. Then they stopped singing. 

"Wow, You guys have improved so much today." Danielle said.

"Thanks." Hayley said. I just stood there thinking to myself.

"Taylor..... Are you okay?" I was snapped out of my thoughts and Lucas was talking to me.

"What? Sorry was thinking."

"Oh okay." He said.

Hayley was standing there all happy and I looked at her like 'what is wrong?' Then I remembered she said that they were One Direction. But I really don't know them like she does I only like there music. I don't know who is who and what they really look like. Just listen to there music. I don't think they are One Direction. I still think they are Lucas, Henry, James, Jayden, and Blake. I went and talked to Danielle and Jayden.

"Hey Jayden."

"Taylor. His name isent really Jayden."


"It was just to see how you guys would react to seeing One Direction. Cause I told you you guys would see them sometime."

"Oh yh..... Well, I really don't know them like Hayley does. I dont know who they are and what they look like or there names I just know there music cause it is awesome."

"Well, Thanks." The guys who was not Jayden said.

"Yep and who are you?"

"Hi, my name is Liam. Liam Payne."

"Hi, I am Taylor-Tom Brooks."

"Nice name. Way cool." 


"Taylor." Someone yelled.

"Sorry guys, Looks like someone needs me I will talk to you guys later and Nice to Met you Liam."

"Okay and you too." 

Then I walked over to Hayley.

"Hey, I told you."

"Okay okay you had me."

"Okay, so who is Blake?"


"What is your real name?"

"Zayn Malik."

"Nice to met you."

"Who is James."

"Me and you can call me Niall." He said and gave me a hug.

"Okay Niall."

"Who is Henry?"

"Me. Im Harry Styles."

"Nice to met you."

"And your Lucas right?"

"Yah, But my real name is Louis Tomlinson."

"Oh..... So I have been talking to you and joking with you?" I said taking my hair out of the ponytail

"Yah, is something wrong?"

"Hang on." I said before pulling my hair up, I ran to the closet trash. Which was right behind Louis and Harry. I started to throw up and someone came pulled my hair back and rubbed my back. 

"Is she okay?" I heard Danielle say.

"Yah, I think she is okay. I hope so." Hayley said. I stopped throwing up and just sat next to the garbage can. I saw that Louis was holding my hair and stuff. He sat right next to me and keep rubbing my back. 

"You okay?"

"Yah, Im fine just got sick from something."

"Oh okay."

"I had planned to go somewhere after this. Are you okay to go Taylor?" Danielle asked.

"Yh. I will be fine." I said. 

"Okay. Louis can u take her in ur car since I cant take two people n u brought ur car?"

"Yah, sure. Let me just go clean her up n we will be ther."

"Okay." Then they all left. Louis took me to the bathroom. I got cleaned up. Once I got done I threw my hair back up and then walked back out. Louis was standing there against the wall waiting.

"REady?" He asked me.

"Yh..... Im ready."

We were walking to his car when he put his arm around me and I looked at him. Then shook it off as him just trying to be friendly. Till he tried to grab my hand like in a friend way. I pulled away quick cause I did not know what he was doing. Once I did that we were at his car. We both got in and he drove us to Starbucks to met Danielle and the others. What a fun day so far.

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