Breaking Apart (FAMOUS)

TT and Hayley are really good friends. Then they go out for Dance Team and go to state. They meet somebody and all they wanted was to have sometime with each other. But when ever these boys break them a part these other boys bring them back together as friends again!


2. Chirstmas break


I woke up to a loud scream and thud from down stairs I ran down and saw Hayley on the ground laughing in the living room .

"Before you say anything i was working on are dance routine and the toast poped out of the toaster and I scream and triped over my own feet." she said still laughing.

"ok from now on im making toast in the morning! I said to her, now laughing to.

"Whats the fun in that?" she said pouting.

"You not waking me up from your screams." I said laughing.

"Hey I can watch a thousand horror movies and not get scared but im scared of toast popping out of a toaster I dont get it!?" she said laughing and smiling like an idoit. 

" Well ok, no more making toast in the morning." I said seroius.

"Well how am i going to wake you up in the morning then?" she said.

 "Um call my name." I said.

"Fine, it wont be the same!" she said walking into the kitchen and me following her.

"Should we start dancing?" I asked taking a peice of toast out of the toaster.

"Yah sure!" She said to me.

Hayley walked over to her Ipod and put on Live While Were Young. Then right as it started to play she Blasted the music! I bet the neighbors could hear it and was wondering what was going on over here.

"Wow. Hayley thats LOUD!" I said screaming over the loud music.

"Well, if we want to dance great, then we need the music on blast! She said now trying to yell over the loud music.

"Well, ok but not THAT LOUD, Okay?" I said turning the music down a little bit.

"Fine!" Hayley said while prenting to pount.

"Come on we better start to practice!"

We practice for a long time. Then my mum came home.

"Hi girls!"

"Hi mum. I said.

"Hi Mrs. Brooks."

"What are you ladies up too."

"We signed up for the dance team and we are hoping they will pick us to go to state and then if you do get to go to state you have to have a dance routine for the state one that the teachers will have to help you with. Hayles want to tell her the rest?"

"Sure. And if you get to go to state the judges will pick 10 people to go and dance at a performance! sO we can't wait!"

"Sounds like fun!"

"It is fun!" I said.

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