Breaking Apart (FAMOUS)

TT and Hayley are really good friends. Then they go out for Dance Team and go to state. They meet somebody and all they wanted was to have sometime with each other. But when ever these boys break them a part these other boys bring them back together as friends again!


3. Awesome News

Hayley's POV

We talked to TT's mum for a while. She wanted to see how our dance was going so we showed her it! We had got half way through the song.

"That was really good. I would let both of you guys go to state!!!!"

"Thanks mum." TT said.

Her mum left and we descided to take a break. I walked up to TT's room and layed down on it and looking up at the celing thinking it would be awesome if we get to go to the state. I remembered that TT had a spare bed room for me but I was so tired that I did not want to get up! So I fell alseep on her bed.

        * 2 Hours*

"Hayley, Hayley Wake up." I heard TT say.

"Yah? I am up." I said!

"Okay! Are you going to go home or Do you want to stay here?"

"What time is it?"

"It is 230 in the afternoon."

"Ohh okay! Can I stay here? My parents proabably wont care or come looking for me."

"Yah! Stay here as Long as you need!"

"Okay Thanks TT."

"No Problom" She told me.

I had got out of her bed and I went to What I guess I can call my bed room all of my stuff was their. I went in their and I had got on my Laptop. I looked at Twitter and on their it had said that the people who go to the state dance team after 10 people are choosen they do a drawing and those teams get to go and dance a  performance! They listed 10 of them:

1-Taylor Swift
2-Katy Perry
3- Justin Bieber
4-Big Time Rush
5- One Direction
6- Carly Rae Jepsen
7-Ross Lynch and the group
8-Hunter Hayes
9- Demi Lavoto
10- Kelly Clarkson

Wow can't wait to see this! Hope we win state and get to go to perform at the One Direction concert. it also said that you will get to meet them too! OMG!! We could get to meet One Direction!!! I am so excited now!!!!


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