the boy of her dreams

Bellas life is all normal. Until she met one dirrection. liam falls for her just because his girlfriend broke up with him. Harry really sees her beauty and falls in love with her.will she pick harry?


2. the mansion

When she got to the mansion she looked at it. Their was no name or anything. The people that lived in the house must have not wanted loads of people coming or papartzi. She rolled her suitcase to the front door. It was a dark black door with circle windows. The windows were black and you couldn't see anything.

Bella opened the door and looked around. She saw lots of pictures around but no photos. They must want to keep there life private. Bella went to the door bell and pressed it. No one came to the door. Bella decided she would press it again. The second time she heard foot steps of someone. They came to the door and opened it

"Oh I am so sorry. I have been quite busy making cakes. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Annie he butler of the house and you must be the new maid Bella. How are you feeling today," said Annie the butler.

"I am fine. I just feel tiered as I got up at 6:30 am and didn't have hardly any sleep. Are there any jobs you want me to do at the moment?" said Bella

"Well I do need some help getting ready for the party. The boys are coming back from a world tour tommorow so I thought I would give them a welcome home party.  I need you to clean the boys rooms. The cleaning stuff is in your room. Here is a map of the whole house with your room on it," said Annie.

Bella took hold of the map and went to her room. It was up 2 lots of steps and to the right. Her room was quite big and was about on the size of a news agents. Their was a whole cupboard full of cleaning suplies. Bella took a mop and water. She went to the boys room to clean.

The boys rooms had no names. They had no photos of them in the rooms. They had most likely taken them on tour. The rooms were quite tidy. It didn't take that long to clean them.

At 6:00 pm she was finished. Bella went down stairs to get some dinner. Annie was busy cooking.

"Oh Bella you have finished cleaning. Well I just need to set dinner out on the table. You could just sit down darling," said  Annie.

About 10 minutes later dinner was ready. It was a chicken.Then we had desert it was chocolate cake. Both were really delicious.

1 hour and 30 minutes later they had finished dinner. Bella went up to her room. It was 7:40 pm. Bella went on her computer and looked at her emails. She saw one from her old friend at school Ellie. They had been best friends for years.

dear Bella,

I have missed you. I have wanted to speak to you for days. I haven't had any time. I am teaching children music. I teach year 2 violin.

how have you been? please reply soon.

lots of love


At 9:00 pm Bella went to bed. The next day would be a busy one as the next day the band would be home. 



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