the boy of her dreams

Bellas life is all normal. Until she met one dirrection. liam falls for her just because his girlfriend broke up with him. Harry really sees her beauty and falls in love with her.will she pick harry?


1. bella going to london

Bella had just woken up. She sat up  in her bed. She looked at the alarm clock very carefully to see what the time was. It was only 6:30 pm. She wouldn't be leaving for an hour. She was 18 and had just finished school so her mum wanted her to stay at her dads place. Her dad got her a job working in a mansion doing all of the cleaning  by her self. She would be spending most of her time their and would go to her dads at the weekend to stay. She looked at the job quite carefully before telling her dad yes. She just wondered what posh person lived their.

At 7:00 her mum came in her room to wake her up. Her little sister followed her mum. She was only 1 years old.

"Bella it's time to get up. Kelly get of my leg I have to get dressed. Any way what was I saying. Oh yeah I put your cloths in my room. I have given you your new outfit," said Bella's mum.

Kelly got hold of Bella's new outfit. Bella went up to her and took it out of her hands. She closed her bedroom door and did her hair. Then she tried her new outfit on. She saw a note on the back of her dress. Her dad must have wanted her to have something before she left to go to his house. The note was a letter and said:

dear Bella my loving daughter,

I would like to tell you something before you leave to have your new job. I left you this outfit so I had one thing to give you. I have missed you since I went to london for work. I thought I should tell you about who lives their. They are a really good band and our really kind. Please get your mum to drive you to the mansion and put some of your cloths

lots of love


I thought about what dad said. He must want me to know about the house.

A few minutes later her mum took her in the car to go to london. She quickly ran into the car. She waved good bye to her house not knowing when she would see it again. It might not be months or a years till I see it.

An hour later I was in london. My mum had directions to my dads house and the mansion. She dropped some cloths of to my dad and then drove me to the mansion.

When we got their my mum kissed me and gave me my cloths. I then ran to the house.

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