My True Love ?

Its Just About 5 Boys You Fell In Love With .. But The 5 Boys Fell In Love With You Too .. And There Begins The Drama .. Will You Have One Yours Or Let Them All Away ??


1. How We Met

I Was With My Friends Being Crazy In Another One Direction Concert .. I Was So Excited Cuz My Dad Got Me A V.I.P. Ticket So I Get To Meet Them Before The Concert !! It Was Time .. My Friends Wanted Every Detail Cuz They Cannot Affort A VIP Ticket .. Anyways, I Was Sitting In The Room Alone With My Heart Beating So Fast When I Saw The Door Opening, I Was Gonna Scream But I Stopped Myself So They Wont Think Of Me Like Another Crazy Fan .. When They Entered My Heart Beated Faster And Faster .. They Show Me Super Scared n Nervous .. They Laughed And Came And Gave Me A Hug .. I Was Showked That They Did That Before I Asked For One .. I Smiled And Felt Relaxed And Comforted After That Hug .. I Introduced Myself To Them And When It Was Almost Show Time They Didnt Want To Leave So They Gave Me Their Numbers To Keep In Touch With Them .. I Didnt Believe That They Really Wanted To Be Friends With Me .. So I Went Back To My Friends Smiling And Blshing And Screaming With Happieness Tears And Told Them The Details Till They Came On Stage .. The First Thing The Said: This Song Is For Clover (Me) I Was Shoked And So Happy That I Began Crying Of Happiness Again :) <3

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