Run Away

I was running. running away from them......


1. Running

Maiyas Pov

I closed up, i was the last one left from work so that meant i had to close up, i locked the shutters on the clothes shop i worked in Urban Outfitte.oh yea let me introduce myself, my names maiya im 18, work in Urban Outfitters as you know and live by myself, im from california so my parents and family live back there, but ive made a few friends in london, so let me get back to the story, i was walking to the underground to get the train back to the station just a few blocks away, i had my earphones in, it was dark out tonight considering it was just 9 o clock, but it was winter and it gets dark early in the winter, Anyways, i decided to take a shortcut, down an alley way, good idea i know right, i was halfway throught the alley decideding wether i should turn back and walk the long way so i decided i should, i turned back to find a group of boys about my age stareing at me, i took my ear phones out and wrapped them around my iphone, i put my phone back into my bag *whats that you have there love* one of them said, *nothing* i said quickly, i turned around and started to walk faster then normal, i heard footsteps behind me i turned my head quickly pretending to look for cars to see the group of boys following me, SHIT, a car went by and i ran when it zoomed by, i was running at full speed, the group still chaseing me, calling me back laughing, oh god no please dont let this happen to me, i was thinking to myself, just then a pair of arms snaked there way around me, *ahhhhh help* i screamed at the top of my lungs, i got a hard blow to the side of the head for that, everything was starting to go blurry, but i could still make out figures *get the fuck away from her* i heard, whoever was holding me decided to let me go, because i landed with a thud onto the ground, i groaned in pain as my head bounced of the concrete.

Zayns pov

i was out for a walk just takeing in the london view of the night, thats when i heard it *ahhhhh help* when i heard it i started to run, to the voice of this stranger, i ran to find a girl being hit over the head by someone who looked her age, *get the fuck away from her* i said in anger, i saw the guy that was holding her drop her to the ground, she landed with a thud and groaned with pain, i was angry that someone would do that to her she was so harmless, i was fuming, one of the guys walked over to me, i punched him right in the nose, i think i broke it, another one walked over and hit me then his friend kicked me in the stomach, i was so angry that it didnt hurt, i got up, punched both of them a few times, there was five and the other two took off running the ones that i hurt got up and stumbled off, i walked over to the girl and picked her up in my arms, i brought her back to my house which wasnt too far away, luckily the guys werent here to pester me about it, she was falling asleep, *No no youve got to stay awake*i said to her *but my head hurts* she moaned *i know but youve got to stay up* *why did you help me* *because i knew you couldnt help yourself so i helped you* i said with a smile *thank you* *no problem* she was fully awake by now *oh my god your eye, it swollen, wheres your ice packs* she said in an american accent, i hadnt noticed it until now *in the freezer in the kitchen, where are you from?* i asked *california* she shouted back *why did you move here* she rushed back into the sitting room and put the ice on my eye *owwwww* i whined *ohhh shutup ya big baby* she laughed *im not a baby* i pouted *i moved here to get away from everyone in cali* she spoke *whos everyone* *family friends and an x boyfriend* *what happened with your x*

Maiyas Pov

*what happened with your x* i hated talking about ryan, he made my skin crawl *h-he was abusive* i stuttered, he must of noticed i didnt like talking about it *its ok you dont have to tell me* *thanks* i spoke holding back the tears of pain, thats when i noticed who he was *hey your that guy from that one boyband* i said, he laughed at the way i said it to him, *yea im zayn, and im in one direction* he said, he said it cocky too by the way *dont start getting cocky now zayn* he laughed *you didnt tell me your name* he said *its maiya, maiya jones* *Nice name* *thanks, you came into my job before* *where do you work* *Urban Outfitters* *ohhhh yea i knew i recognised you from somewhere* we both talked and laughed for a bit *its really late i should be going* i said getting up *NO* he shouted, i gave him a weird look *i mean, stay here i dont want to be going out to see you being attacked again* *but i have work tomorrow* *ill drop you to work tomorrow* *but what about clothes* i said *we can get up early and i can drop you to your house and work* he said hopefully *ok* i hesitated *where will i sleep*i asked * you can sleep in my room and ill sleep on the couch* *No no no, i sleep on the couch and you stay in your room* *no your my guest you stay in my room* *zayn* i said sternly *we can just share your bed* i said, kinda hopeing he would say yea, *are you sure* he questioned *yea, come on*, he showed me to his bedroom, i walked in and gasped, it had galaxy wall paper all over the room, like the galaxy t shirts but wall paper *, its like my dream room* he laughed when i said it, i yawned, *what will i wear* he walked into his wardrobe and threw me out, sweats and a top, i walked into his bathroom and changed, he was already in bed, on his laptop, *hey* he said *hey watchya doin* *just checkin ma twitter* *well im going to sleep* *good night beautiful* he whispered, i turned my back to him and blushed, *night zaynie*

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