I'm Not Marrying Her

Angel Connor is your normal 16 Year Old Girl That goes shopping whit friends and Action Crazy Like a NORAML Teen but when her parents try to get her married To Niall Horan Will He want her will she want him will it be forever or Will it be Never


3. What's Wrong whit everybody

Niall P R OV
My parents are up to something I can tell I woke up and and I see the chefs that work at are house baking and cooking and the maids fixing a big table and clean the house like never before something up My parents say my brother Greg Will be coming and my grandparents will be coming to And ants and anculs coming to but I don't know why why's to day so special is it somebody birthday or something I don't know so then my phone got Text from my dad
((((((Niall Son Go get ready take a shower and put something on xxxDad)))))
I.did as I was told I took a shower And put something nice on then I seem my grandparents getting up from there room dressed then I see my ants anculs and then I see my cousins I gotta find out whys everybody so dressed Is there special guess coming so I just went down stairs talk to the boys for A few minutes and hung up and then the door bell rang
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