I'm Not Marrying Her

Angel Connor is your normal 16 Year Old Girl That goes shopping whit friends and Action Crazy Like a NORAML Teen but when her parents try to get her married To Niall Horan Will He want her will she want him will it be forever or Will it be Never


9. What should I do

I woke up and it was about 9am So I got up and then went up to niall room and went to get clothing to take a shower so I got out some clothing and went in the shower niall was still asleep So I was done then came out in Tight jeans and a purple v nek and purple converse
And went down stairs And then seen bobby Greg Maura n Louis Harry
Bobby:Hey Angel
I went to the couch to go pack the blinket and pillow
So then I put the pillow n bilket where it belongs and then sat down in the front
Maura:So where niall
Me:He's asleep
So then niall comes down
Maura:Hi baby
Niall:Nothing he chuckled
Niall:So you sleep well
Me:Yea u
Me:You hungery
Niall:Yes I am
Me:come on ill make u something
We went in the kitchen I made him breakfast
Me:So u like it
Niall:Like it I love it
Me:Aww thanks
After I clean up
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