I'm Not Marrying Her

Angel Connor is your normal 16 Year Old Girl That goes shopping whit friends and Action Crazy Like a NORAML Teen but when her parents try to get her married To Niall Horan Will He want her will she want him will it be forever or Will it be Never


2. Hanging whit my friends

It was a normal day in Ireland me And My best Friends Jessie And Carly was at the village at make Up forever I got a Black Water proof eye liner And the girls got lip liners So the. We left the store and start walking And talking
Me:Im So Board I Want a Boyfriend
Jessie:Ha Ha I got one
me: So it's just me and Carly then single Right Carly right where both single
Cary:Yeah About that not anymore you know the guy josh iv been talking to him for about a year
Carly:he finally got the guts
Me:If Only I warrant afraid only if I didn't go out whit Luke maybe I would of have one
Carly Jessie:we told you
Me:I should of take your advise
Carly:does he still text you
Me:yes and call the house 7billion times A Day
Carly:did call the police
Me:yeah we try getting a restraint order but it didn't work they didn't have enough proof So
he just got lock up for about 1mouth and I think he got out about 1week ago so he won't leave me alone
Jessie:how about your parents
Me:They Don't Care For Me They Wanna me Get Married and leave me they say they can't Handel me now I'm just going on a plan leaveing them
Jessie Carly:your not leavening whit out Us
Me:I know
So We drove to my Home and walk in house and I saw
My parents whit a man and a woman
I thinking they selling this house I don't know no sometimes I'm wrong
Mom N dad:angel come meet Maura and bobby horan
Me:hello I shake there hands and they shake mine
Maura:Your so beautiful
Bobby:how old are you
Me:I'm 16
Maura:Okay sweetie
Me:you guys are all dress going out for dinner
Mom and dad:yeah and you are coming to Mrs and ms horans house so go get ready
Me:do I have to
Mom and dad:yes
Me:can Carly and Jessie come
Maura n bobby:sure they can come sweetie anything for you
Now I'm just freak out why they all acting like this
So me and the girls got ready we look trough my clothings for what to wear I put on a rap around goldish brownish dress whit a gold silk bow in the back whit red bottoms whit my hair in a bun whit gold hoop earrings and the guts just put on a skirt and a cute shirt whit it we went down stairs
Mom n dad:ready
Me:yes we are
We walk out the door I walk out whit my phone

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