I'm Not Marrying Her

Angel Connor is your normal 16 Year Old Girl That goes shopping whit friends and Action Crazy Like a NORAML Teen but when her parents try to get her married To Niall Horan Will He want her will she want him will it be forever or Will it be Never


4. Dinner whit the horans

We drove whit the horans to there house and then we made it and then we walk in I saw this blond boy he look like I saw him before before I could say anything Carly and Jessie start fan girl on
Him but why then they start say niall horan from 1D
Then it came to my mind he's from the band omg direction if only I could say this in my mind but no I was so stupited I said it out loud then everybody laughter I felt dump now there where a lot ppl at a dinner table Maura:Niall this Angel
Niall:Hi angel me:hi niall we shake hangs we start talking for a bit it was weird cause nobody said come on and eat they just left us there Umm weird then me and Niall went to the dinner table to eat once we was done an old man got up and got a spoon and a glass and start banging it for everybody to be quiet so we quiet I'm guess that's niall grandpa and grandma
Niall granpa:well we love to be here and laugh but its time to tell niall my grandson that he will never be young forever and he wound have his looks forever
Niall:pops where's this going
Niall granpa:somewhere niall we think its time for to get married we know the connects a very long time and we hear about this girl angel I hear she a real angel so I want to you to get together

At this point my mouth and jaw opened
Mom:Yeah So Daughter we think the same so we think you should get together
Me:no I'm 16 I know nothing about married and I still have x boyfriend stocking me I can't I thought you where my parents I thought you really cared for me I really though but you lied your a lier

At that point my eyes where crying like ocean

Niall P R O V
She start crying bad after that lost it

Me: no hell no I'm 19 and just can get married this will mess up one direction and pulse I don't know her maybe she's a psycho you don't maybe she's gold digger you don't know maybe she's not a angel maybe she's the devils daughter no I will not meet a stranger and staying whit her all my life no how do you know she will kill me how do she only wants my money you don't know Put Of All People Why Her Why Her Shes A Stranger A Ugly stranger and plus Shes a kid Shes only 16 what the hell you want me to do whit a 16 year old little girl

She ran out after I said that

Her parents look at me whit devils eyes
Maura:Go apologize to her niall go
Maura:I am your mother and you will do what I say
angels parents:we will be leaving so you better apologize
I went ran up to her I seem her friends trying to cheer her up then I hear that they said they will be going cause they have a date at the movies
So after they walk off I went up to her she look down she knew I was sitting next to her so she just more
Me:Im Sorry did you hear
Angel:Am I ugly
Me:No Your not I just lost it come on come back in the house
angel:Cause you might yell again
Me:are you scared of me
I thought to myself am I that scary is my voice really scary when I yell
She nodded yes and she start shaking more the closer I got to her she kelp backing away
Me:Please don't be afraid of me please I'm not a killer I'm just niall stop backing away from me
But she kelp mumbling I hope your not like Luke
And I though who's Luke maybe that's her xboyfriend she was talking about that stocked her
The more I got closer and closer I got this time really close and she ran right on the street and there was a car coming fast boom it hit her my parents and family members came rushing trough the out side my mom saw angel all in blood now she's screaming
I called the ambulance to go come fast
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