I'm Not Marrying Her

Angel Connor is your normal 16 Year Old Girl That goes shopping whit friends and Action Crazy Like a NORAML Teen but when her parents try to get her married To Niall Horan Will He want her will she want him will it be forever or Will it be Never


7. Awake alive Or Dead n past

After we got home from the hospital I took a shower and rest the hole day (okay I'm gonna skip the week to where angles comes) its Been one week since iv been comming to the hospital Everyday hoping angle will awake Today the last day today's the day they pull the plug I really hope she wakes up me and boys go to the hospital I come whit my guitar I wanna sing her a song
We get to the hospital I ate already by the way we made are way to room and walk in her family was there
Andrew:Hey Niall It's Good Your Here Bro
Me and the boys sat down
Then a doctor came in
Doctor:Okay I waited for all you to come Now you all have A chance to be alone whit her after that we have to pull the plug Her mom and dad and brother went then me and the boys went
I sat next to her
Me:I know I didn't get a chance To really know you first angel I'm sorry for what I cause I really hope you was alive I wish I could of turn back time and shut my mouth I'm really sorry Angel I was tearing up but before you go I wanna sing you a song I sat playing the guitar
��Shut The Door Turn The lights off I wanna be whit you I wanna feel your love I can't not hide this even though I try heart beats harder time ascaps me trembling hand touch skin and makes this harder and the tears stream down my face if we can only have this life for one more day if we can only turn back time you know ill be your life your voice your reason to be my love my heart is beating for this moments in time I find away a way to say before you leave me today close the door trow the key don't wanna be reminded dont wanna be seen dont want to be whiteout you my judgment clouded like tonight sky's hands are silent voice is num trying to scream out of my lungs but makes it harder and the trears stream down my my face if we could only have this life for one more day if we could only turn back time you no ill be your life your voice your reason to be my love my heart is beating for this moments In Time Ill find the words to say before you leave me today Flashing lights in mind going back to the time playing games in the street kicking balls Whit my feet there's a num in my toe standing close to the edge there a pial of my close on the edge of your bed as I feel myself fall making jokes of it All Then rest of the song went on by the end of the song I start crying bad we stop then I went up to her
Me:please angel wake up please wake up
No answer
me:please for me
Then her hole family came in the doctor came in ready everybody
He was going to the plug he got to the plug
Doctor:Any last words to her
Me:Angles I never knew how beautiful you where and I was stupited i should of not open my mouth you won't be here angles the point Is I Love You And please open your eyes so I can see Your beautiful and perfect blue eyes bye angle
I was holding her hand the doctor was second away from pulling the plug But she Grab My hand and everybody's eyes when Up her eyes open And look and me and grab both of my hands and pulled me more to her and she went for.a big hug
Me:Angle Your alive
Doctor:it's a miracle
She Began To open her mouth
Angle:You mean that
Angles:Im beautiful
After that we all start talking to her the wedding is now on the doctor said she was so pose to forget her memory But she got it still has it all
After 3Days of angle getting healed today the day she get out from the hospital
(by the way Greg got out angles beg her brother and he let him out and he did)
I went to the hospital and went in the gift shop and got her a big big bear that had a shirt and jacket on a and glasses and found angel all up and talking to her family I walk in
Me:Hey every body
Everybody:hey niall
Me:So your getting out angel
Me:I got you something
I gave her the teddy bear she love it she gave me a hug
And thank me
Angles;mom:So niall since you are marrying my daughter in runs in the family that if your marrying a girl she's had to live whit you are you okay whit that
Me:Um yes yes I am she can live whit me
Andrew:Take care of my sister
Me:I will
He got up
Angel:where you going
Andrew:I got to go to work
He gave her a hug and a kiss and he left
Me and angle and her parents went to her house and got her stuff
She said bye to her parents and me and her went in the car and drove to my house
I park and got her stuff and I open her door for her we walk in the house
Me:Im home
Maura:Angel your home
Me:Wait you knew
Maura:Niall It runs in all the Irish Famliys when your engaged Shes has to live whit you
I brought her stuff to my room and then
She sat down stairs talking to my family
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