I'm Not Marrying Her

Angel Connor is your normal 16 Year Old Girl That goes shopping whit friends and Action Crazy Like a NORAML Teen but when her parents try to get her married To Niall Horan Will He want her will she want him will it be forever or Will it be Never


6. At the Hospital

I driven to the hospital and parked in the parking lot and I walk to the doors and I stop at my track taking a deep breath then I walk in and I saw a desk I walk to it
Me:excuse me miss do you know where I can find a angel Connor at
Lady:Um Let me check
She typed in the computer her name
Lady:Ah yes you can find her in the I C U 4floor Room 2122
I look for the elevator I found it I hit the button Ding it mad a sound I walk in the doors closed it hit the 4floor and I took a deep breath and I mumble to myself
This is not gonna be pretty
The doors open I took a deep breath
And I walk out I look for room 2122 And I found it I heard crying and I see the two girls that was at the dinner crying her parents and a boy that look 23 dressed like a Cop Crying To I was just at door looking by the way I took another deep breath before I walk in
I knock on the door and they look at me whit devil eyes
Angels dad:Look what you did to my daughter she's all in blood and she lost a lot of blood now she's in the comma now we don't know if she's gonna get up or not
Me:Im sorry
I let out a tear
The cop:Your sorry my sister in the hospital bed Half dead and alive don't even know if she's gonna get up and your F***ing Sorry Your A Jinx how you like if I put you in jail my self you like that I put you in for life how's that one he came up to me and punch me and I was on the floor now
Me:Im sorry
Angels dad:Your sorry Your F***ing sorry if you was really sorry you would be here 1hour ago when she forst came your not sorry
Angels friends:your not sorry you sit on a throne of lies go famous Boy leave you cause a lot of damage All ready
Angels brother:Yeah why don't you leave you little F***ing Punk Leave You C*** Leave You MotherF***** C**k sucker Leave go
He went up to me again and kick me and kick me and kick me harder the more he did it and he punch me and punch me and now I'm bleeding bad my face is all black and blue whit blood all over my body to And he kelp hitting and hitting and hitting and I was yelling I'm sorry but he kelp doing it Me:Im Sorry Stop Stop
I'm Crying now now there cold blood falling from my face and its all over my clothing and he won't stop
Angels mom:Stop Andrew stop your hurting him he really Didn't mean it
Then sudden my family walk in my mom and my brother and my father my moms now crying on the floor
Angels mom:Stop Andrew your gonna kill him stop
Andrew:You Did this to my sister You Bastard You punk you fag
Angels mom finally put her self in front and stop it my mom now on floor crying bad she's now holding me and crying in the floor
My brother gets pissed and runs to angels brother Andrew and starts beating him up
Greg pushes him punches him Now Andrew punches back put hits Greg in the nose Greg's nose is bleeding
Greg pushes Andrew to the wall and chokes him and starts punching him again there both in blood and then Andrew then pushes back and then Greg fell to the floor
My father bobby is fighting whit angles dad
And now the two moms are both crying my mom and angles my mom are on the floor my mom is holding me and crying and angles mom is trying to stop the blood whit a wet rag
But I won't stop bleeding
Then other cops come running in and doctors they get me and put my In a bed then rushes me to a different room and both moms are running after me and then the to of angles friend where both In the room whit angle the cops stop the 2Fights
And then now there Sitting Down Then They Go and arrest Greg And put him in the jail
And then after all that I black out
3Hours later I wake up to my hole family there looking at me whit tears
My hole face was black and blue they stop the blood
And then I see Zayn Liam Louis and Harry in the room
Me:How you guys get here(((in a low low voice)))
Zayn:We heard what happen and we got on. A fast flight to Ireland
Me:What happen to everybody is Greg still in jail
Dad:Son forgive me for what I said to you
My hole family apologize to me and then after a doctor came in
Doctor:Hello the horan family my name is doctor Chen Niall will be okay his blacks and blue will go away in a week for sure there nothing rung whit his voice
Me:Thank You ((in a low low voice))
Doctor:your welcome niall
Then he walk out
Angels brother Prov__
Nialls brother went to jail now I'm in the room looking at my sister hopping she will wake up but she's not
Doctor walks in
Doctor:Hello guys my name is doctor Chen um angels we are not sure about her she's might not wake up 2% She will And 98%She Won't Im Sorry but The Truck Really Got her
He walk out we all began to cry
Niall P R O V--------------
It's been 1Week And I'm all good no more black and blues my dad and angles dad said sorry to each other my mom and angels mom came good friends again my brothers is still lock up and the boys are still here today is the day I get out
But before I do I wanna go see angel I get up from bed I got all my stuff my family here and then the doctor walks in
Doctor:Um niall you can go home you are good
Dad:Come on son
Me:Um I wanna see angel
Mom:okay If you want we walk to angels room (By the way it's the morning like 11Am ))
I saw angels mom
Angles mom:Hello niall
By the way she was really nice
Me:can I see angel
Angels mom:Sure
Me:thanks I walk I see her laying there life less in a comma I look and look at her then I began to cry
Me:this won't happen if I hadent open my mouth
Angles mom:you didn't know
She gave me a hug and try to calm me down I finally stop then I ask
Me:So what's the news on angles
Angles mom:Angles Is on the edge of death they say they wanna pull the plugs in Week So she's got one week to get up she tear up a little I gave her a hug she stop then I said
Me:Im really sorry I really am
Angles mom: I know you are niall it was not your fault
Then angles dad and brother walks in
Dad:Hey niall
Andrew:Hey bro what's up
Me:I thought you hated me
Andrew:after I beat you up I feel better so no I don't hate you
Me:thanks I think I did deserve that
Angles dad:no you didn't Niall
Me:I did
After a hour just staying in the room me and my family and my mates left
The hospital

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