Styles' Sister

Harry Styles' sister, Gemma has to move in with the boys until she can find a place of her own to stay. How will Harry and the rest of the guys take this?


3. Home

Gemma's POV.

We were on our way home, it was dark and cold. I was literally shaking as I sat beside Harry in the van.

"Here Gemma.", he said handing my a large, warm blanket.

"Thanks.", I said yawning.

"You can take a nap till we get home if you like.", he said moving his hands from his lap.

I smiled and laid my head in his lap. I closed my eyes and fell asleep to the sound of them telling jokes and cracking up at one another.


I woke up as someone was carrying me. It was Niall.

"Whoa! What are you doing?", I asked as his hand was dangerously close to my bum.

"I am carrying you to your room since you were asleep.", he said laughing. "You can walk yourself if you like."

"No, No thats fine.", I said smiling.

He took me to my room and sat me on the edge of my bed. "Goodnight.", he said giving me a warm hug.

"Goodnight.", I said happily. After he had left I went to my bathroom and changed from my bathing suit into a tee, and some short fluffy shorts. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went to bed. All I could think of was my wonderful day.


I woke up to the sound of Liam's voice and the smell of blueberry pancakes.

"Com'on Gemma, it's 9:00, you must get up now.", he said shaking my shoulder a bit with his hand.

I fluttered my eyes as he smacked my face around with his hands.

"Ok.", I said yawning. he left the room so I could get dressed properly.

I went into the bathroom and looked at my hair. It was a total wreck. I grabbed my hairbrush and brushed it out till it was completely untangled. I parted it on the side and then brushed my teeth. Then I headed to my closet to put on some clothes. I went for a semi-casual look and threw on some denim shorts and a sparkly tank top.

I headed down the hallway to find them all on the couches watching duck dynasty. I went in and sat down in the middle of the floor. We watched and laughed as mountain man started talking about a squirrel. As Harry called us into the kitchen to eat breakfast I looked around at everyone.This really is starting to feel like home. I thought to myself smiling.

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