With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


8. Chapter 8

was woken up by a very wet tongue on my arm and opened my eyes to Dodger licking my arm raw.  I was surprised I ever fell asleep after all I had learned last night. After a lot of Internet stalking, the boy I had met at the pub was indeed Niall of One Direction. As excited as I should be, I could not lie I was disappointed. This guy travels the world and meets girls everywhere, what made me so special? It made me think that I was just another girl. I wasn’t anything special. I knew the situation was too good to be true. I threw on a pair of skinny jeans, my coach riding boots and grabbed a light sweater. Dodger was more than ready to go for his walk.

        It was getting chillier as the days went on. Although it was still the first week in September I could tell that winter was trying to jump ahead of fall. My phone started to vibrate and I pulled it out of my pocket. It was from Leyla:

Jena you better not avoid him now because you know who he is. Give it a chance.

I giggled and thought who could really say they had a friend that wanted to see you happy more than themselves? Suddenly Dodger took off behind me wagging his tail. I turned around and like clockwork there was Niall with his beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair moving in the breeze. “Well good morning to you to. Oh and hello Jena,” he winked at me as he scratched Dodger behind the ears. “You really need to get a dog, you seem very content with mine and I am getting a little nervous he will go missing one day.” He laughed but I was only half joking. I still did not know why he had not told me who he was, and I wanted to know why. “Come on, we have a little bit of a walk and I am starving.” I looked at him a little confused but quickly caught up to him and Dodger and we headed deeper into the park.

        After about a 15min walk and me contemplating whether I should confront him about whom he was or not, we came to a small cliff overlooking a beautiful lake. I had not walked this far into the park before and was surprised at the view. It really was breathtaking. After a minute or two of taking in my surroundings, I turned around to a laid out blanket and Niall sitting they’re patiently waiting. “How about a picnic?” he started pulling things out of his backpack, bottles of water, sandwiches, and chips. I could not help but laugh. He was patiently sitting there waiting for me to join him. It was like watching a little kid waiting for permission to open presents on Christmas morning. “This is so nice of you. Thank you.” I quickly sat down on the blanket and grabbed a sandwich.

It was silent for a little while, and I could not help but notice that he was staring at me. “You know, I have met plenty of American girls, and they are not nearly as pretty as you.” This time I felt my cheeks get so red I probably looked like a fire hydrant, but as cute as the statement was, I was quick to respond and thought this was the best chance to get him to confess. “You travel to America a lot?” He responded, ”Yeah I do a lot of traveling with work.” Here was my perfect opportunity, “Oh that’s right, with One Direction.” He put the bag of chips that he was slowly demolishing down in front of him. “So you do know who One Direction is.” I rolled my eyes, “I do not live under a rock, at least I thought I didn’t. Then again maybe I do because I could not tell that I have been talking to one of the world’s biggest pop stars the past couple of days.” His smile was very insincere. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “For this reason exactly. I want a girl to like me for me, not for my being in One Direction. Jena, besides the obvious that you are beautiful, funny and very sweet, you did not know who I was. All of these things made me think about you from the second I left the pub that night until I saw you in the park the next morning.” I could not even think of what to say after that. I was completely frozen. He has been thinking about me? “Listen, I like you Jena. You are not like most girls I meet here in London, or on the road. Give me a chance to show you I am a normal guy.” Of course I wanted to give him a chance, he was perfect. Instead of arguing with him I just smiled at him and gave him a simple answer, “Ok.”

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