With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


6. Chapter 6

“Hi there, I knew I would see you again. Is this your dog?” I felt like a 16 year old with a crush and did not know what to say although it was just a simple yes. Finally I came back to reality, “yes, that’s Dodger.” “He is an amazing dog, very friendly and sweet. Just like his mom” I smiled. “Sorry I am being rude, this is my friend Josh. We were just playing a little football when Dodger came over to say hello.” Again I felt like I was talking to someone I knew and it was still bugging me. He looked at me with a confused face, probably because of the confused look I had on my face “Do you recognize me?” he said almost cautiously. Even his friend Josh was looking at me like they were expecting me to attack or something. Only thing I could think of saying was “Do I know you from somewhere?” and with a look of almost relief he said “we met last night at the pub, the mayflower. Please tell me you remember and I am not coming off as some creep.” He gave a little smirk and I shook my head “No I do remember. I’m Sorry; it’s just that, you look awfully familiar, like I have met you before last night. But I know that is not possible, considering I have been here in Europe for 2 days.” He bent over to pet dodger and looked up at me “maybe we met in your dreams?” I can feel my face turn as red as a tomato, and I could not help but say “you wish.” We all laughed. I looked at his grey jacket as well as the black jacket on Josh and realized that I had met them before last night, but from a distance. They were walking in the park the first day I got here. I would remember Niall’s hair anywhere, and I also remembered their jackets.

Josh left almost as soon as we were introduced. He pulled Niall aside and whispered a few words that I unfortunately could not make out, then he said goodbye and made his way towards his parked car. Niall and I walked around the park with dodger for a while. He kept throwing a stick hoping Dodger would chase it but Dodger has never been into the fetch thing. Eventually Niall realized if he just ran around Dodger would follow. He seemed extremely fond of him. I asked him when he had moved to London from Ireland and why. He told me how he moved here for work about a year ago, and then quickly changed the subject to me.


He started throwing questions at me like I was being interviewed. “Whoa! You seem very interested in my life, are you some kind of Irish spy or something?” I laughed after I said it but the way he was asking 21 questions it seemed that way. “Sorry, I just hate talking about myself. And I must admit I am extremely fascinated with American girls.”  I rolled my eyes and told him “well sorry to disappoint but there is not many fascinating things about this American girl.” He jumped in front of me and put his hand out waiting for me to stop. “Your accent makes me laugh, your dimples when you laugh are so cute that I can not look away, you have beautiful green eyes that match the color of your green sweater, and your sweeter then any girl I have ever met. And you think you are not fascinating?” He turned around and started running with Dodger again and I could not move. All that was going through my head was, I think I might have just fell in love with him.

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