With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


44. Chapter 44


**Niall’s POV**

            “Come on Niall, were going to be late,” I heard Zayn yell up to me. Like most days, it took me a few hours to pull myself out of bed. We had a meeting with Simon today since tomorrow we would be opening our 2013 tour. With something as exciting as a new tour coming up, I normally would not be able to contain my excitement. But since Jena left, I could not concentrate on the upcoming tour at all.  I ran downstairs grabbing my coat off the rail and headed out the door to meet Zayn. I jumped in the front seat of his black Bentley almost crushing my own leg in the door. “Alright, alright I’m ready!” He had already picked up Louis, Liam and Harry who were extremely quite in the back seat. I was wondering why we hadn’t moved yet, especially considering they were just rushing me. “Why are we not going? Did you just rush me for nothing?” Louis finally spoke up, “this is an intervention mate, it’s for your own good.” I glanced across the 3 of their faces in the back, and then back at Zayn in the drivers seat. “Intervention?” Zayn gave me a look of concern, “You haven’t been yourself mate since Jena left, its been a month. Don’t you think its time to move on.” Whenever anyone said her name I felt another piece of my heart break all over again. “What are you talking about i’m fine. Lets go, Simon is going to be mad if we are late.” I could tell in all their faces that they thought about arguing with me but decided against it.

            We got to Simons office late as expected and were told to go in as soon as we had arrived. “Hello boys, hope you’re all doing well.” He gave each of us a hug and then sat back down getting right to business. “So tomorrow we start the tour, you have been rehearsing non stop, everything should be perfect by now, am I correct?” Harry answered, “Of course, we are all super excited about it. It is going to be amazing.” I felt Simons eyes train on mine, and I felt him silently evaluating me. He continued to talk about the tour, our traveling plans and some press that would happen on the road. Eventually he looked back over at me, “What’s been up with you lately Niall? You don’t seem yourself, and other time you have been in my office you would have already told me 50 times that your hungry, are you sick?” “He has just been a bit down lately, him and his girlfriend broke up. It is still fairly new,” Louis whispered to Simon. At that moment Abby walked in to join us,  he brushed it off and looked over at Abby, “Perfect timing Abby! Well listen Niall I am sorry that you and your girlfriend broke up but you can not let it get in the way of your career.” I should have thought before I spoke but I quickly retorted, “How are you sorry that we broke up, it is your fault after all.” Zayn who was sitting on my left slammed his fist into my leg, causing me to scream. “Excuse me Niall, my fault?” I heard Liam telling me to be quite but I had to get it out, “Yeah, your agreement that you wanted the girls to sign, that according to you protected us, freaked her out. She left me and went back to America, almost without even a goodbye!” Simon, the boys and Abby were all staring at me completely silent, weirdly the look an Abby’s face was of complete horror. “I’m sorry, one more time?” he paused, “Agreement? I’ve never asked such a thing.” Simon said sounding extremely confused. I was not sure exactly what to say, thankfully Harry spoke up, “Abby tried to get the girls to sign some agreement with ridiculous rules, El signed it but Jena was scared away.” “I did no such thing, it was all Patrick’s idea.” Abby pleaded, Simon putting his hand up to shush her before she could keep going. Suddenly it dawned on me, Simon had no idea what we were talking about, and there was no agreement that needed to be signed. Abby and Patrick concocted this all on their own, so they could try and control us for their benefit, to get rid of the only distraction in all of our careers, our girlfriends.

            I wanted more then anything to jump out of my seat and give Abby a piece of my mind, but I would be sure to give Patrick double. Suddenly the door to the office flew open. I was surprised to see a tiny blonde girl that a recognized standing their, trying to catch her breath. “Leyla!” Liam jumped up walking over to her, “What are you doing here?” without warning flew at Abby, her arms extended reaching for her neck, “You! It’s all your fault!” If it weren’t for Liam standing right next to her she would have succeeded at ringing her neck. “Who are you?” Simon jumped from his desk looking around at the circus unfolding in his office. “Your wonderful assistant here threatened my best friend! I had to sit here for a month wondering why she would just leave! I hated him…” She pointed at me “for no reason at all! It was all her!” At this point Harry had also grabbed Leyla who was still trying to fight her way to Abby. She was pretty feisty, even with Harry and Liam holding her, she almost got herself loose. I saw out of the corner of my eye Abby try to walk out of the room, but before I could say anything, Louis opened his mouth “Don’t you think your going anywhere bitch.”

Everyone finally started to relax and Leyla told Simon everything she knew, “Jena wouldn’t tell me anything the night she left, just that she couldn’t handle it anymore. With that she was gone, leaving everything, including her dog!  When I finally, after a month of begging, got her to talk this morning, she told me everything! She is miserable, she misses Niall terribly and misses London but with the threats to ruin her life and Niall’s career from her” this time pointing at Abby, “she refuses to come back. That’s when I remembered Liam telling me last night that you guys would be here, having a meeting with Simon about the tour and I decided to come right away.” I was angry and confused, but also happy and relieved. Leyla said Jena missed me terribly. For some reason I thought it was funny that this was the only thing I got from events that just took place in Simon’s tiny office. Abby opened her mouth, immediately trying to defend herself, “I would never do such a thing! This Jena girl is obviously a complete liar, it’s a good thing she is out of the picture!” Liam had made the mistake of letting Leyla go, and before we could stop her she slapped Abby right across the face, leaving an instant red mark and all of us in complete and utter shock. Harry quickly picked her up and carried her out of the office. Simon walked over to the door looking directly at Abby, “Abby, you have 2 minutes to grab your things and leave the premises, you are officially fired. And I can guarantee that you will be hearing from my attorney.” 

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