With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


42. Chapter 42


**Niall’s POV**

            It had been 2 days since our first fight. I decided against staying that night when she had asked me to leave, although it took a lot to do so. I wanted to call her the second I left, but when I got to Louis’s, not wanting to be home alone, he insisted on the fact that I let her cool off and that we would be able to work this out after some time. It worked out to my benefit that I had a gig and several interviews the next day, which distracted me from attempting to call her, begging for forgiveness. Management was hardly impressed with my performance on the Late Late Show last night. It was not my fault that I could not help but think of Jena the entire time we sang “Its Gotta be You” and “Little Things”. It was silly that when I was hurting like this, I had only then noticed just about every one of our songs involved love.

            “Everything is going smoothly! I told the DJ I would let him know when Jena got here.” Zayn said, walking over to me with Perrie close behind. “Where is she anyway?” Perrie questioned her eyes wandering around the room. “I just called her and there was no answer, I am going to try to call Leyla, if that does not work then ill try and get Abby so she can call the driver.” Harry informed us, typing furiously then putting his phone to his ear walking towards the entrance. “It is 9:30, she should have been here a half an hour ago.” I said, starting to get a little worried. At that moment El, Louis and Liam had joined us. I turned to the door and saw Abby walk in, heading straight towards me. “Abby, have you heard from Jena or the driver? They should have been here a half hour ago.” I shouted over the music, she gave me a weird look before answering, “She’s gone.” I looked at her for a second, taking in what she just said. “Ok, so she should be here any minute then.” El smiled, grabbing Louis’s hand and heading for the door. For some reason, I knew the word gone did not mean she was on her way here. “Not that kind of gone, I mean gone as in she left.” Abby said, almost annoyed. Every ones eyes were trained on me, but I was not exactly sure what to say, “What do you mean she left? Where is she?” Louis squealed. Abby looked at me, obviously struggling with the news she was about to tell me, “She had the limo driver bring her to the airport, she is getting on a plane and heading back to the US tonight.” That was it, it was like a knife went right through my heart, I did this. I broke us. “No way, She would not just leave like that.” El cried, “She wouldn’t just leave without talking to Niall.” Harry said with concern. The look in Abby’s eyes was full of remorse, “I’m sorry guys.” Suddenly Harry grabbed my arm, “I have my truck parked out back, maybe we can catch her at the airport if we leave now!” Without even hesitating I followed Harry to the back entrance, we got into his range rover and he slammed on the gas, leaving our friends back at the club, stunned and confused. I felt like I was having some horrible nightmare. Why would she just leave, without even saying goodbye? After all we have been through, this was what was going to break us. She was willing to end our relationship, just like that. Something was not right.

            We got to the airport with not one clue about what airline she was on, what time the flight was leaving, or if she had even left yet or not. We quickly realized that being celebrities did not give us special privileges to get past security without a ticket, so we purchased the cheapest international flight we could and sprinted through the airport. We were lucky, there were only two flights heading out to NY that night and both were in the same terminal. My heart was racing, and I was praying over and over again in my head that she would be on one of these flights. It was all I could do. I must have called her 100 times, but as each call went to voicemail I grew more and more aware at the fact she was probably gone. Just as Harry and I were about to give up hope, I saw her. She was sitting with her back to us, headphones in her ears, I wanted so bad to just run up to her and pull her tight into my arms and kiss her. But I still had no idea why she was even here, why she was leaving. This was it, this was my last chance to get her to stay, to stay with me, and be mine. Before we could move to walk over to her, a women’s voice came over the loudspeaker, “Now boarding, flight 823 to New York, JFK.” Jena pulled her headphones stuffing them into her purse and standing up, heading over to the gate. When she turned around her eyes instantly locked with mine. We both froze in place, neither of us moving or saying a word.

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