With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


39. Chapter 39


**Jenas POV**

            I begged and pleaded with Maria and Chelsea for hours on end. It would mean the world to me if they could come overseas for the lavish party that everyone had spent the last week planning and perfecting all for me. “Are you sure you guys can’t come to London for my party?” This was the 3rd time in the past 4 days I had skyped with them, begging over and over again for them to come. “We really can’t. I cannot take the time off work and Chel’s has clinicals for school. Were really sorry!” Dodger jumped on the bed placing himself right in front of the camera so Maria could see him clearly, “Now you have Dodger begging to?” I laughed, and started to hear my phone going off downstairs, “My phone is ringing, its probably Niall! I got to go.” I blew her one last kiss and signed off, jumping off the bed and running down the stairs to grab my phone. I picked it up almost dropping it at the same time, “Hi babe, what are you up to?” It sounded like he was out of breath; “I am in the park playing some football with Josh and Lou. How was your day?” “It was nice, relaxing. Did not do much. Took Dodger to the park, but that’s about it.” It took him a second to answer. “Well that’s nice, listen I have something to talk to you about! Ill be over tonight after I shower and clean up. I think you should wear something special for when I get there.” I felt myself blush, “Alright ill see you later.” With that I hung up the phone. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door, I was not sure who that would be because I was not expecting anyone. When I opened the door I was a little confused to see Abby standing there, we locked eyes for a minute before she spoke up “So are you going to invite me in?”

            I was expecting Niall or some one else to be around as well and looked out the door after Abby had walked in, but no one else was out there. I closed the door and walked into the living room sitting down on the couch across from her. “Whats up?” Abby had been their assistant now for a few weeks. I did not like her, but I also did not hate her. I guess you could say I was dealing. “I came over to talk to you about something that Patrick and I came up with, to protect the boys and their future.” I could tell she knew I was not to fond of having her in my living room, “What exactly did you come up with?” I rolled my eyes at her waiting for some ridiculous rule such as, no spending the night, no public affection, dumb things like that. What came out of her mouth I was not in any way prepared for, “We have written up an agreement, for both you and El. Unfortunately Perrie’s agent will not allow her to sign it. Therefore we have no choice but to let her slide. But for you two it must be done.” I was beyond confused, agreement? “What do you mean an agreement?” Before I could go on she handed me a piece of paper, and I started to read it. This was ridiculous. There were things such as traveling outside of London having to be approved, my use of Niall’s money to be kept track of, and the worst of it which was knowing at all times where we are and who we are with, according to them it was for the sake of negative rumors being spread. I threw the paper on the table jumping to my feet. I was not about to let this bimbo come in here and dictate my life. “This is absolutely insane, Niall wont sign this and neither will I.” I was about to tell her to let herself out when she pulled a piece of paper out of her folder sliding it across the coffee table, face down to me. “He already has,” she said with a devilish grin on her face. I did not know what to say, Niall was ok with our relationship being controlled by management? He was the one that was always against them telling him what to do; yeah he kept it to himself because he never wanted to get in trouble but wasn’t this taking it a little to far? His personal life? His privacy? Me?  She got up with a look of satisfaction, and turned on her heels walking to the door, not before having one last thing to say, “if you think your going to milk one of my clients you got another thing coming, Remember, I have the power to make your life a living hell. So either I control it, or you find a new boyfriend” With that she walked out slamming the door behind her.            

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