With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


38. Chapter 38


**Niall’s POV**

I couldn’t help but keep looking over at the door wondering why Jena was not here yet. I walked over to Abby who was deep in conversation with one on of the crew, “Abby when was the car picking up the girls? Why are they not here yet?” She looked at me with a sympathetic grin, “I’m sorry Niall, I told him 10:30! I will call and see where they are, in the mean time go to hair and make up! Your on in 15 minutes.” I obediently went back to the dressing room where Zayn and Louis were already sitting in the chairs. “Don’t worry mate they’ll get here eventually. In the mean time relax; let a load of your shoulders!” Louis insisted, obviously seeing the worry in my face. I sat down on the couch behind them, and decided to move onto something else, “What do you guys think of Abby? Last night was fun.” Zayn spoke up, “She seemed pretty interested in the girls, which put me by surprise, especially Jena. Did something happen when they met yesterday?” I thought back to when we had met Patrick and Abby for lunch the day before and remembered how Jena had reacted to meeting her, almost like she was jealous. “I’m not to sure, Jena was a little weird about meeting her from the beginning, but I do not think she didn’t like her. Abby is a great girl, and I think she is going to help us out a lot.” At that moment Harry and Liam walked into the room, “We have 5 minutes, they want us on set.” Liam announced, and the five of us headed out the dressing room and towards the set.  “They were put together on x factor, have released two platinum albums and are about to start the European leg of their world tour, please welcome One Direction!” Martha introduced us and we walked out onto the stage, I could not help but notice Jena was still not here.

The questions were typical, nothing new. Once in a while we would get a question that we had not heard before and look around at each other to see who wanted to answer it. It was almost the end of the interview when Martha started to talk about the one thing we all hoped would not come up, “So, Louis, Niall and Zayn. You all have girlfriends correct?” We all nodded our heads agreeing with her. “Niall your relationship with Jena is fairly new, how is that working for you?” I looked off set, relieved to see Jena and Eleanor had arrived, a smile spread across my face. I then realized I had not answered Martha’s question. “Yes it is, we met a little over 3 months ago and have been together ever since. It is going great, she is a beautiful person inside and out.” She was deviant at getting all the dirt from anyone who was ever on her show, “Is this love Niall?” Again I looked over at Jena who was staring back at me with her usual smile that could instantly turn my worst mood around, as usual I took a second to take in how beautiful she really was, and remind myself that she was all mine. “Yeah, I am in love.” Martha’s eyebrows raised to my response, “A little soon to be in love don’t you think?” I was a little annoyed with her response but decided to give her what she wanted, “I think when it happens you just know, whether it be the first time you lay your eyes on someone or after being with them for years.” I looked down hoping she would move onto something else, “Niall feels that way about food mostly.” Harry said causing the audience to laugh, “you do enjoy eating, have you found our snack table set up for you in the back?” Martha asked laughing away, “What snack table? There were snacks?” Louis joked, looking at me. I would have to thank them later for changing the subject.

After what seemed like forever the interview was finally over. I ran off stage directly to Jena picking her up in my arms. “What happened? What took so long?” “The car did not show up until 11, and the traffic was horrendous! Sorry we missed most of it.” At this time Louis had joined us, kissing Eleanor on the cheek. “Thanks Lou for that, for some reason she felt like picking on me today.” Louis looked over at me, “No problem mate, she is probably just jealous.” Jena and I both laughed, “Oh I am sure she wants to be with me.” Louis chuckled, “I wasn’t referring to you mate, she wants Jena.” Sticking out his tongue, he lifted Eleanor over his shoulder and headed towards the dressing room. “That was a little weird that she targeted you like that.” Jena said, concern in her voice. “Its alright, I am used to them wanting to know every little thing about my life.” I grabbed her hand pulling her towards the dressing room with me; it was time to go meet some fans. After that, we could finally head home. 


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