With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


37. Chapter 37


             I walked into Starbucks and El was already sitting at a table in the back corner waiting for me, with two red cups sitting in front of her. “I love that I can always count on you to be ready with my absolute favorite cup of coffee and ears wide open to listen to me rant.” She laughed patting the seat directly next to her. “Come, let it all out.” I told her all about Abby, from her appearance, to what she was wearing to her American accent. I was not sure why I was so heated from one interaction with her, but something just did not feel right about her. “We better at least try and play nice, she will be around the boys a lot.” “I know, she was just one of those people that made me feel threatened for some reason. I need to just stop being stupid.” El reached over putting her hand on top of mine, “Jena you have nothing to feel threatened about, she is just there to make sure things go smoothly.” I smiled and took another sip of my latte noticing El’s phone going off, she picked it up with a giddy look on her face, “Hi Lou – I’m at Starbucks with Jena – What? You have to cancel? – Your going to dinner with Abby? – Ok ill talk to you later.” I looked over at El who suddenly went from love struck teenager to aggravated girlfriend. “What was that about?” I asked nervously waiting for her to lose her cool in the middle of the coffee shop, she hated when people cancelled plans. “Abby, is taking the boys to dinner. She wants to get to know them since she will be spending so much time with them from now on.” Right as she finished her sentence my phone went off, I looked down to see a text from Niall. When I opened it, it read:

 Hey babe, Abby is taking the lads and I for dinner. Ill see you tomorrow at Marthas! I love you.

            That night Leyla, El and I decided to have a girl’s night at our flat. We made sure to buy plenty of magazines, movies and sweets to keep us up all night. I loved hanging out with these girls, we got along so well and it made me feel like this was where I belonged. “So I have something to show you guys.” El said mischievously while pulling my laptop off the bed and onto the floor with us, “I did some stalking today and look who I found on Facebook.” I was shocked when I saw Abby’s picture, but proud at the same time. “You found her? And I thought I was being silly about this whole Abby thing?” Leyla laughed, obviously at the two of us, “You guys are insane! You are both pining over something not necessary to be pining over.” We both shot her a glance, “Alright, Alright, let me see her. Wow, she is pretty, she looks nice.” “It is not that she isn’t nice, she just does not really fit the assistant type, business women criteria.” I said, getting another annoyed look from Leyla, “Neither do we!” I realized she was right. One day I wanted to own my own business and have wanted to since I could remember, just like Leyla. Only difference between us was I was in no rush to start mine. “I wish you could have seen her today, she could not take her eyes off Niall, and her comments she made. Ugh, she just did not rub me the right way.” “Listen, I love you both. But I think you are both acting a little jealous, because this attractive girl is going to be spending so much time with your boyfriends. Honestly I do not think you have anything to worry about. Niall and Lou love you both, so stop.” El and I gave each other reassuring looks and closed the laptop. “I am going to make some cookies, you both can come join me if you are done Facebook stalking.” Leyla snapped at us before jumping to her feet and heading down the stairs. “I guess we should just give her a chance.” I mumbled under my breath, El nodded her head. We grabbed our mugs of hot chocolate off the floor, got up and headed downstairs to the kitchen. 

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