With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


36. Chapter 36


       It was already January 8th, which meant there was only 20 days until my birthday. I was sick and tired of everyone asking me every day what I had planned to celebrate. If it was up to me I would not do anything, but with friends like Niall, Harry, and El I had no choice. “Why don’t you make it a themed party? You know, like make people dress up for it!” Harry suggested, but by the look of my face he could tell I was not interested. “You don’t have much time left. You have to pick something, or we are going to pick for you.” I turned to look at Niall he was deep in concentration on his laptop, “Babe do you have any ideas?” “Make it good!” Harry butted in, I shot him a glare causing him to flinch. “um, lets rent something out. A bar, or club or something.” “Well that’s genius, why didn’t we think of that.” Harry said sarcastically. “What exactly are you doing over there?” I asked Niall curiously. “Patrick just sent me an email, we had the afternoon off today but he needs me to come in. Apparently he hired a new assistant.” I looked at Harry confused and then back at Niall. “An assistant? Since when do you need an assistant?” “She would be handling everything from meetings, to booking interviews and even the publicist end of it since Sheri left.” Sheri was the boy’s publicist. I was sad when she had to go. If it was was not for her, not only would my naked body still be all over the internet but their would probably be a lot more negative things about me in the media. “Well I think that’s silly you don’t need an assistant. You have Patrick.” Harry laughed seeing right through me, before getting up and walking into the kitchen. “He just sent me another email, he told me we could meet for lunch in about half an hour. Ill let him know I am bringing you with me.” I was not sure exactly why they needed an assistant, but I was glad Niall was bringing me with him to meet her.

            We had just pulled up to the restaurant when my phone rang. I answered it to hear El’s voice on the other end, “Hey! What are you doing right now? Want to grab lunch and do some shopping?” she said, we had not seen each other in a few days and we were overdue for some retail therapy. “Hey El, I am actually about to go meet Patrick with Niall about this new assistant they got. Why don’t we meet at starbucks around 4:30? Ill bring you up to speed on everything.” She answered me before I could even finish, “Assistant? Um ok, sure! Ill see you there!” and with that she hung up. Niall had already gotten out of the car walking over to my door to open it for me, “always a gentleman.” I said almost sarcastically. He had never opened the door for me before but I assumed since the paparazzi were scavenging, he wanted to make sure I made it into the restaurant without being tormented. The hostess led us to our table and Patrick had not arrived yet. We ordered two ice teas and waited patiently for them to arrive. After about 5 minutes I saw Patrick walk in with a girl close behind him, she looked not a day older then me. She had shoulder length blonde hair and dark blue eyes; she was wearing a grey suit with a peach blouse tucked in at the bottom. She was pretty, and I could feel myself getting uneasy. “Niall, Jena, pleasure as always. I would like you to meet Abby. Niall this is your new assistant.” I looked over at Niall who obviously was just as surprised as me to see someone so young, and in all honesty as pretty as her. Niall finally stuck out his hand and to reach for hers, “Nice to meet you Abby.” I could see her face slowly start to turn red, “Pleasure is all mine, its nice to finally meet you! I have already met a few of the boys but you are by far the cutest” I could feel my face getting hot after she called Niall cute, but then it dawned on me “your American?” I asked, turning to Niall with a baffled look on my face before glancing over at Patrick, “Yes I am.” She laughed before Patrick joined in, “she is a PR student from Elon University in North Carolina.” “Where did you go to school Jena?” she asked with a high-pitched perky voice that made my hair stand up, she fit the blonde bimbo description perfectly. “I went to Towson University, I went for business.” “Oh! I have a friend that went there, but I am pretty sure it was her back up school.” I don’t know why but I immediately took that as an insult. "If you do not mind me asking Abby, how old are you?" I could see Patrick staring me down out of the corner of my eye but ignored it, "I just turned 24 in December. From what I have read your turning 24 in 2 weeks am I correct?" I gave her an insincere smile. "Yes I am actually, we are actually in the process of planning a party. You could help if you like." I heard Niall let out a little laugh, probably at the fact I was all of a sudden interested on what we were doing for my birthday. The waitress came over to take our orders and when I heard Abby order a salad, I decided to order one as well. 

            Lunch was quick, most the conversation that went on was between Patrick and Niall, talking about some of the things they had planned within the next few weeks. I could not help but stare at Abby every chance I could. Why exactly did Patrick hire her? She was not PR material if anything she was playboy material. Yeah she was pretty but also something about her made her look almost evil. I gave myself a mental slap and realized I needed to stop judging her. Her and Patrick finally got up and said their goodbyes leaving me and Niall at the table. "I will see you guys tomorrow at Martha's!" She said before walking out the door. After a minute of silence I felt Niall place his hand on my leg and I turned so I was looking right at him. “Well she seemed nice.” “Yeah, very nice.” I could see it in his face that he knew I was bluffing. “Give her a chance, she could be a nice girl.” I rolled my eyes, grabbing my purse and heading outside. “Here, you can take the car back. I am late to meet El around the corner at Starbucks.” “Are you sure?” he asked a little worried. “Yeah I’m fine!” We walked out of the restaurant to a crowd of both fans and paparazzi. When Niall leaned over to give me a quick peck on the lips I could hear the cameras going off like riffles. He then got into the Audi and drove off. 

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