With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


33. Chapter 33


            None of us were exactly sure where we were going. Niall did not tell any one, all he told Louis and Zayn when he called them in NY yesterday was that he had planned an excursion and that it would be fun if they came. After we all finished getting ready we got into my dads truck and headed out east towards Montauk Point, at first I was a little worried because of the crazy ideas Niall thought of, “Niall its December, and cold. Please tell me what we are doing doesn’t involve water?” he turned around looking back at the 4 us from the front seat. “No of course we are not swimming.” Niall was sitting up front with my dad who had offered to drive us and hang out with a friend that lived in town. Obviously he was the only one allowed to know where we were going. Niall turned to face me, “Can you just be patient and let me surprise you?” “I do not really like surprises.” Zayn mumbled under his breath looking at me and making me laugh. “Its going to be fun, something none of us have ever done before.”

            We pulled up to our destination. Harry, Louis and Zayn with looks on their faces like they had no idea what they were doing here, although it very well registered. “Surprise! We are goin horse back riding!” Niall yelled. By the looks of it the boys were not as excited as I was. “I have fallen off of a horse before,” “One bit me,” “I’m scared,” Louis, Zayn, and Harry said one after the other with childish fear clearly written in their faces. I could not help but laugh and run over to Niall, “this is amazing! I get to ride with you? This is a great surprise Niall!” I stood on my tipy toes and gave him one big kiss on the lips.  I turned to look at the boys, “you guys will be fine, I promise. They are trail horses. They know what they are doing!” The barn manager knew we were coming and had 5 horses all ready for us. Once we got on our horses, the tour guide explained a few things to the boys, basically how to stop, steer, and hold on. I could see in each of their faces they knew absolutely nothing about riding a horse, even Niall listened to every word he had to say. “I wish you would have told me to bring a camera because this is seriously priceless.” I giggled to myself. “Shush you, wait till we make you get on the back of some wild animal and expect you to be ok with it.” Harry said pointing a finger at me for about a second before the horse sneezed and frantically putting his hand back on the saddle. Again I could not help but laugh, “I promise, you guys will be fine!”

The tour guide led us through trails that brought us to many scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean; it was hard to believe that London was just on the other side of this body of water. It was a beautiful day, clear blue skies and not to cold. We saw a ton of deer, a historic army base camp known as camp hero, and the Montauk lighthouse. Eventually we finally came to the beach. The tour guide asked if we wanted to gallop. Right away there were a few objections, but I decided to ignore them. I kicked my horse to go and took off at once, “Ill beat all of you to the lighthouse!” Of course once I went the rest of the horses followed, I knew that would happen. Horses were herd animals. At first I heard a few yells and I swore I heard one high pitched scream from Louis, but when I turned around to look at them I saw nothing but smiles across all their faces. “I’m going to beat all of you!” Harry yelled at the top of his lungs.” “No way!” Niall shouted, his horse flying past both mine and Harry’s. I looked to my left and Zayn and Louis were closing in fast. I could tell everyone was having a blast. After a few hours of riding it was time to head back. My dad was already waiting for us when we arrived at the barn. It took me about 20 minutes to get all the boys in the truck, once we got in the thanks started pouring out, “That was amazing Niall. Jena you were right! What a wonderful time.” Louis patted me on my leg. “It really was a trip mate, thanks.” Zayn said, rubbing Niall on the shoulders. I saw Niall look back at me in the rear view mirror, and give me a wink. Once again, he did good. 

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