With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


31. Chapter 31


            Harry noticed the reaction on my face right away and walked right over to me, “What’s the matter?” I showed him my phone right as Niall came over to the two of us, putting his arm around my neck and placing a kiss on my forehead. “Read it, what does it say.” I looked up at Harry, then back down at my phone. “Read what? What does what say?” Niall said obviously wanting to be in the loop. “Harry and I went to the mall today, and I might have ran into Drew there.” Niall still had a look of confusion on his face. “Drew? Your old boyfriend Drew?” I nodded my head looking over at Harry. “It was nothing mate, they barely even got to talk before his little sister blew our cover.” Harry  laughed and turned to start heading into the house. “Everything ok?” I asked, nervous of how he was going to react. “Of course, why would anything be wrong? Drew is in the past, I know you love me. Besides, I would never give you up that easily.” I felt my cheeks turn red. “So what did he text you?” I almost forgot that he had texted me. I looked down at my phone and opened the message:

 It was nice seeing you today Jena, you should bring your boyfriend and your friend to Dans on Perry Vail Drive. It would be a fun night. I am sure a lot of people would be happy to see you! – Drew

 I was relieved to see that it was just an invitation to a party. I looked up at Niall forgetting he was standing there. “A party? With your old friends, that could be fun?” “I don’t know, I have not seen these people in months, some even in years.” I looked back down at my phone. “Come on, it would be fun! Don’t you want to show off your Irish boy toy you brought back from London?” I gave him a little smile, I knew it was what he wanted. He then kissed me on the lips before lacing his hand with mine and pulling me into the house.

            After we ate dinner with my dad and Linda I got a phone call from Maria. Apparently she was also going to Dan’s party. With a lot of persuading and begging from both Harry and Niall I finally decided to go. Maria picked us up from my dads. She volunteered to be the designated driver since she had class in the morning. I was not really to sure how it was going to go but thought that it could turn out to be a great time. As we turned onto Dans road I could see there were a lot more people then I expected. Both the boys seemed to be very excited about attending an American college party. “You two better be on your best behavior. I don’t want to have to drag either of you out by your hair.” They looked at each other and then at me with smug looks on their faces. “This is going to be an interesting night.” I said to Maria as the boys stepped out of the car.

            We walked into the basement entrance of the house, and immediately eyes were on us. I recognized most people, some graduating with me, some a year younger, others a year older. I could hear a couple girls whispering about Niall and Harry, and others whispering about me. “Come on! We have to go find Chelsea.” We walked through the house until we came into a room set up for beer pong. Niall grabbed my arm pulling me into him, whispering in my ear. “Are you ok?” “Yeah I am fine, do you guys want anything to drink?” Before I could even get an answer from Niall, Drew walked in the room with 4 beers in his hand. “You must be Niall, Im Drew. A friend of Jena’s.” “Nice to meet you mate.” Drew handed Niall and Harry each a beer. Harry had a skeptical look on his face; I could tell he was not a big fan of Drew. “She is a great girl Niall. No hard feelings. Just make sure you take care of her. Otherwise ill have to hurt you.” After handing me the last beer he turned around and walked away. “Well that was not so bad?” Niall smiled, but I was not in any way happy with that last comment he had for him.

            A few hours went by and we all probably had a few more drinks then we should have. Harry was flirting with some blonde girl I did not recognize next to the beer pong table and Niall and I were on the other side of the room talking to Maria. I don’t know if it was because of all the hungry looks he was getting from every girl in the room or the alcohol taking over, but I kept Niall glued to my side, and wouldn’t let him out of my site. “Jena.” I heard Drew calling me from across the room and I walked over to him leaving Niall with a worried look on his face. “Excuse me, I do not appreciate you threatening my boyfriend the way you did. That was rude.” I snapped. He laughed at me, obviously noticing that I was a little drunk. “I wasn’t threatening him, just making sure he knows to be good to you that’s all. Just because we broke up and are not together anymore doesn’t mean I do not care about you.” I stared at him for a second thinking about what he said. He was right just because we were not together doesn’t mean we didn’t care about each other. He then sneakily moved his hand to my waist, “of course I wouldn’t mind getting back together.” I felt anger shoot through my body, instantly pushing his hand away from me, “Please don’t touch me.” I demanded. Before I could say another word Niall was right behind me, “Im sorry mate but there is no reason for you to touch her like that.” Drew looked over at Niall who had an irritated look on is face. Suddenly I heard Harry come up behind me, “Whats going on here?” “Nothing curly, mind your own business.” Drew snapped. Harry was not in any way threatened. “Curly, is that all you got?” At this time John, Drews friend who I was never really to fond of, walked over next to Drew. “Why don’t you go back to London and sing with your boyfriends.” John said making sure that everyone heard his childish insult. “Alright I think it is time to go.” I felt myself go from drunk to sober within seconds, I grabbed Nialls hand, reaching for Harrys but I was to late. “Boyfriends? Those boyfriends of mine got more talent in one nose hair then you do in your entire body.” My entire face was getting hot as I looked at Niall for a little help, tears forming in my eyes. “Harry come on, it’s not worth it.” Niall finally got his attention, Harry turned around and I grabbed his hand before he could turn back to say anything else. Niall followed close behind us, and we were almost out the door when I heard Johns last insult, “That’s right, go back to your boy band. And take that slut with you.” I turned around about to give John a piece of my mind and without any warning saw Niall punch John square in the jaw. 



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