With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


29. Chapter 29


     There was a loud bang, and then I swore I heard glass shattering. I jumped out of bed and ran out into the living room to Louis lying on top of Harry and Niall standing behind the couch with his hand over his mouth. That’s when I looked down at Harry and noticed the football in his hand. “Seriously guys?” They had not even noticed me until they heard my reaction to the scene. “What? We are just playing a bit of football, we’ll clean it up.” Louis shouted while trying to pry the football from Harry’s arms. “Its actually my fault, I might have threw the ball in the wrong direction, and Harry still tried to catch it, causing a lamp to fall off the table.” He pointed over to the broken lamp, “and break.” Laughing, he walked over to give me a kiss good morning. I jumped when I heard a loud “Good morning boys!” come from behind me. We all turned looking over to the elevator to see Patrick walking in with an evil grin on his face. What did he want? “We have a last minute change in the schedule today, Niall you and Liam have to head over to Z100 radio station to do an interview and meet several contest winners. The car will be here around 11:30.” I shot a glance at Niall who looked over at Patrick extremely annoyed, “No, I can’t I am taking a trip to the Island with Jena to meet her family today. You knew about this.” Before Patrick could chime in I spoke up, “It’s alright, I could go and you can meet me their later tonight?”  “That sounds like a great plan, besides the fans are starting to notice the lack of attention you are giving them these days since you have gotten a girlfriend.” This time Louis stepped in patting Patrick on the back, “That’s not nice mate, don’t blame it on Jena. You cannot expect us not to fall in love with beautiful girls like her.” Louis gave me a wink before heading back to his room where El was getting ready to head back to the UK for class she had the following day. Niall gave me a sympathetic look, “I guess it would be a good idea, are you sure you are ok traveling out there yourself?” “I can go with you. I would love to get out of this hotel room and keep Jena company.” Harry suggested, looking over at Niall and I. “Really haz? That would be great!” I said jumping up and walking back to the room to finish packing. The car was going to be here to take us to Long Island around 10am.

        It was 10:30 and we were well on our way to Water Mill, which was where we would be visiting my father. “So are you going to show me your old sandbox and where you took your first bath?” Harry joked while throwing peanut M&Ms into his mouth. “Yes I am, I am even going to make you watch old episodes of Barney that I used to love.” “Who’s Barney?” he asked with a curious look on his face. I laughed and said “never mind.”  It took us about two hours to get to my dad’s. As soon as we got there I jumped out of the car and ran into my dad’s arms, who was standing outside waiting to greet us. “Hi sweetheart, you look great! How have you been? I’ve missed you a lot.” I could tell in my dad’s eyes he was extremely happy to see me. After he let go of me he looked over towards Harry waiting for an introduction, “Sorry dad, this is my good friend Harry. Niall had a few last minute things to do and Harry was kind enough to come with me.” “Hello sir, what a beautiful house you have here.” Harry greeted reaching out to shake my fathers hand. “Thank you, built it myself. Jena lived here her entire life. You would not believe the mess’s she made here.” “Oh I can believe it.” Harry joked, expecting the little smack I gave him on his arm. “Come in, Come in! Linda is inside, she just made a little lunch for you both.” Harry and I followed my dad inside and sat down at the table to eat lunch.

        As we sat and ate our lunch I caught them both up with how my last few months have been and everything I was up to. They seemed intrigued with my story and how everything seemed to be like a fairytale. “Well it sounds like you are one lucky girl Jena.” My dad said while bringing the dishes to the sink. Harry gave me an approving glance; I could tell he was enjoying himself. The boys rarely got days where they can just relax and enjoy a normal meal at a dining room table. A few hours went by and both Linda and my dad had a few errands to run. I decided to take Harry to our local mall to do a little shopping. “Everything is so far away from each other here.” Harry complained after only 15 minutes of being in the car. “Sorry, it’s not like London or a city where everything is right around the corner.” Suddenly a song I recognized came on the radio “oh, I know this song! let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun!” for a second he stared at me like I had 10 heads and then eventually started singing along.  Once we got to the mall we figured we would not get to much attention. Nobody but my family and the boys knew that the 2 of us were on the island. We had a ball going in almost every store. He helped me pick out a nice outfit to wear to dinner later that night and I talked him out of buying some hideous $200 sweater. For the most part nobody recognized us or took a second glance in our direction. After joking around and playing with all sorts of random things at Spencers gifts, we started heading towards the food court when I heard my name and turned around to a face I was not expecting to see.

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