With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


28. Chapter 28


 “Good morning sleepy head, long night?” Liam chuckled as I grabbed a banana off the counter. “Oh hush, if Leyla was here I could bet you would not even have left your room yet.” He turned red as Harry laughed under his breath. “Where is everyone?” I asked looking into the living room. It was abnormally quite. Harry spoke up,”Zayn and Perrie went out a few hours ago, so did El and Lou. And I am sure you have already noticed that Niall has not gotten out of bed yet.” I gave him a slight smirk, “Yeah and knowing him he will not be out of that room for a few more hours.” The boys laughed because they knew it was true. “What are your plans today?” I asked them peeling my banana. “We were going to go for a walk to central park after breakfast. At least attempt to. You want to come?” Liam asked in between spoonfuls of cereal. “Sure I would love to! Let me just go change and I will be ready.” I threw my banana peel in the trash and ran off towards my room. Niall was still sound asleep and I did not want to wake him, it is rare that the boys get days like this to sleep in. I went into the bathroom and threw on a pair of skinny jeans, a long sleeve tunic and boots. As I walked out of our room I grabbed my jacket, scarf and purse then walked into the living room where Liam and Harry were patiently waiting on the couch. “I’m ready.” 


                It was a chilly but beautiful day in Manhattan. The park was alive with all sorts of music, and  activities going on around us. Of course as expected, there were fans everywhere trying to catch a glimpse of the boys and hoping to get an autograph or picture. Thankfully we brought one of their security guards with us just in case things got a little crazy. It was fun to just walk around and get to know each other. I slowly have been growing close with the boys and I could not be happier. Harry and I were desperately craving nuts from one of those little carts that you would normally find on every corner of the city. We searched all over for one until we finally found it, dragging Liam with us. It was surprising that most fans knew to keep their distance but you always had the one or two that over stepped their boundaries. I saw Liam pick up his phone while talking to a couple fans then quickly hang up and walk over to me. “That was Niall, when he woke up he was a little confused at the fact no one was there.” He laughed, obviously at the confusion he could picture on Niall's face waking up to not one person in the hotel room, “He said he tried calling you but then noticed your phone was still on the charger. He is catching a cab and meeting us down here.” I suddenly realized while rushing to get ready this morning I did not grab my phone off the charger. I hoped he would not be mad. About an hour went by when we finally met up with Niall, who greeted me by placing one soft kiss on my lips. He bent over to my ear and siad “I love you” before turning to Harry, “so how is your stroll in the park going.” “Pretty good, we just got some nuts and were about to go to the zoo.” We were about start heading in the direction of the zoo when a group of high pitched girls flocked around us. “Please sign my shirt!” “Can I have a picture?” “Harry I love you!” Niall had  grabbed my hand and did not want to let go, I finally slipped my hand out of his and let him do what he did best. He gave me a wink and then turned to the fans. One of the girls, who looked about the same age as the boys walked over to me. “You know, you are a lot prettier in person then they make you out to be!” This was the first time I had ever heard anything nice come from one of their fans. I cocked my head and looked at her with a grateful smile, “Thank you that is really sweet of you.” “Could I have a picture?” She asked shyly. Without any hesitation I leaned in and took a picture with the girl, I then grabbed her phone and started typing my twitter name, “be sure to follow me, and I will follow back. Ok?” Her face lit up as she smiled at me, “I will!” At that moment Niall walked over, “what about me don’t you want a picture with me?” he said to the girl, grabbing my hand and giving me a kiss on the cheek. This made the girls scream. I could not believe what just happened, that girl wanted a picture with me. Did that mean that there were other girls out there like her? Girls that were ok with me and Niall being together, girls that actually liked me? We eventually realized it was getting late and started making our way back to the hotel to get ready for the concert.


When we got back everyone was there, including their tour manager Paul who they treated like one of them, two of their stylists, and Patrick. Niall said hello to everyone but clearly had not made eye contact with Patrick. He pulled me down the hall and into the bedroom so that we could get ready. We thought we were in the clear until we heard Patrick in the hallway behind us, “You need to be ready in one hour to go over to the Garden.” Niall turned and looked at him and aggressively nodded his head before slamming the door. “Has he been nice to you at all?” I asked with concern in my voice. “It is not that he is not nice to us, he just does not let us have any fun. And he is completely against any of us having girlfriends. You remember what he did to us when we went to Greece.” Of course I remembered how could I forget? He was the reason my naked body was plastered all over the internet.


I had never gotten ready so fast, but before I knew it the 8 of us were being escorted out of the hotel and into 2 black SUV’s to take us to the Garden. I was so excited to finally see Niall perform live for the first time, but I was even more excited that I was going to see him perform for the first time at the world famous Madison Square Garden. It was an honor for the boys to be playing here; they have not been able to stop talking about it for weeks. El, Perrie and I sat front row with the fans and most seemed overly excited to be sitting so close to us. I had a conversation with two girls behind me who came from Long Island, they already seemed to know I also grew up on the island and we quickly got into conversation. Not once did they ask me about Niall. Once the show started I could not take my eyes off of him. He looked so happy on stage, bouncing around with the boys, playing the guitar. The show was amazing. The 3 of us sang along to every song, dancing around and acting like normal fans. Butterflies started fluttering around my stomach when Niall dedicated their performance of “Truly, Madly, Deeply” to me. He came over to where we were sitting, leaning over and singing his parts to me as if I was the only girl in the room, not taking his eyes off mine. El and Perrie looked over at me and I could hear their “aww’s” over the screaming crowd. They knew what that song meant to me and Niall. The concert finally came to close, and security came down to get us and bring us back stage. El and Perrie both turned to me, El grabbing my arm “So, what did you think?” The look in my eyes said it all; it was for sure, an experience I would never forget.

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