With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


24. Chapter 24


            We got home from the airport later that night to Leyla, Chelsea, Maria and Liam hanging out in the living room watching a scary movie. The girls seemed happy to see me and all three of them ran over to me and squeezed me until I turned purple. “So did you guys enjoy your romantic getaway? Jena you had to be surprised! Please tell me you had no idea what was going on.” Liam said with a hopeful look. I laughed, “of course I was surprised! I had absolutely no idea.” I looked over at Niall, and gave him a huge grin “you did good.” I could tell he was proud of himself as he walked into the kitchen, “I need to eat something.” “She wore you out didn’t she?” Liam teased as Niall pulled a bowl out of the cabinet. I shot him a glare before throwing my sweatshirt at him. “Well you need to tell us all about it. We are leaving early tomorrow we want to know everything! Well maybe not everything.” Maria corrected herself while pulling me over to the couch.

A few hours had gone by and I was almost ready to call it a night. Chelsea started telling us about the other night when the boys took them all out to a club in the city. From the way it sounded her and Maria had a little too much fun with Harry and Josh. Niall’s phone had not stopped going off since he turned it back on, and I could hear it ringing again. He looked at me and rolled his eyes before walking into the kitchen and picking it up. It was quite at first, then after a few seconds it sounded like he was arguing with someone. He hung up the phone and stormed over to Liam, pulling the laptop he was  on right out of his hands. We all looked at him confused waiting for him to speak up. When he still had not said anything, I did. “What’s wrong? Who was that?” He hesitated for a minute, “That was Patrick, apparently there are inappropriate photos leaked on the Internet of us at the resort in Greece.” For a second I did not know how to respond, I finally asked the question that was making me sick “What kind of inappropriate pictures?” Niall did not answer me; at that moment I could see the color drain from his face and Liam take the computer back out of his hands. Leyla, who was sitting with Liam leaned over and looked at the screen. “Oh my god.” she said in shock looking at Liam. Now I was angry, “WHAT!” I screamed. Still having no idea what was going on, I finally walked over and took the laptop from them. I was not in any way prepared for what I was about to see.

There it was, in HD quality. The “inappropriate” pictures leaked on the Internet of Niall and I. I threw the computer down onto the couch and ran up the stairs straight into my bathroom, slamming the door behind me. I heard Niall follow me up the stairs and he aggressively started knocking on the door and asking me to let him in. I could hear it in his voice he was in pain. It killed me hearing him like that, but I did not want to see him, I did not want to see anyone. I just wanted to be alone. I needed a second to cry and let it out. It was just a picture right? It would go away eventually. But no, If it was any other picture I would not have felt this sick, it would not have made me feel like this. It was not the fact that someone was watching us on our private vacation, not even that our private vacation was plastered all over the Internet. It was the fact that in these leaked pictures we were both completely naked.  


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