With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


21. Chapter 21

   After two different flights and several hours later, we had finally arrived at our destination. Breathtaking Santorini, Greece. I have only seen it in pictures and I remember my father’s girlfriend talking about how bad she wanted to visit the beautiful city built on cliffs. Not only was I at a loss for words at the beautiful site surrounding me, but I was still in complete shock at the fact that I was actually here. “Right this way please.” I very nice man by the name of Nick lead us to our private villa that we would be staying in for the next 4 days. We had arrived at the resort a little before sunset, and the sky was a vibrant orange. I could tell the sunset was going to be absolutely amazing. Nick opened the door and led us in to one of the highest villas on the cliff. When I walked into the room, I still could not take in how beautiful everything was. The room was all white. From the walls, to the floor, even the California king size bed. There were no doors, and no windows, just fresh air throughout the entire room. We had a private balcony that even came with a Jacuzzi. Niall saw my eyes light up when I saw the Jacuzzi and came up behind me with his arms pulling me in for a hug, “don’t worry, we can test that out later.” I got goose bumps and turned to look at Niall as he was walking over to hand Nick a generous tip before he walked out and locked the door behind him.

Right as I placed my bags on the floor, Niall walked over to me with a hungry look in his eyes. We were here, and finally alone. He reached for my face and moved a lose piece of hair to behind my ears, his finger trailing all the way down from my ear to my chest. “I have been waiting all week to do this,” He whispered. He gently pinned me up against the wall and softly kissed my lips, his lips exploring mine only for a moment before I could taste the mintyness of his breath while the kissing got more intense. He slowly picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he brought me over to the bed and laid me down. I felt his hand move from my leg slowly up my side until I could feel him lifting my t-shirt up and over my head. I started unbuttoning his jeans as his kisses moved from my lips, to my cheek, down to my neck then to my collarbone. My body was hungry, hungry for him.  The passion was unbearable, and the pleasure unimaginable. As I kissed his neck I could taste the sweat on his naked body, as his fingers slowly crawled up my spine. With every slow thrust I felt more and more of a rush. I could not contain my gasps and sighs but I could tell it only made him want to keep going. I could not escape the feeling that was taking over my body. Niall gently started kissing every part of my body from my toes, to my thighs all the way up to my lips. When his eyes finally met mine it was like they were sparkling, I could gaze into them forever. Without a word from either of us, he gave me one last passionate kiss, rested his head on my bare chest, and we both fell asleep.

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