With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


20. Chapter 20

Since I was told I only had 25 minutes to pack and was given no further instructions, I threw at least one of everything into my Vera Bradley weekender. A pair of jeans, sweats, shorts, a few tops, high heels, boots, sandals, and even a bathing suit. I had no idea what kind of weather I was about to encounter. I walked down the stairs with my weekender over my shoulder and my purse on the other. Everyone said their goodbyes and told me to have fun as Liam pushed me out the door.

I shut the door and stepped outside, stopping dead in my tracks when I saw who was waiting for me. Immediately I had butterflies flying around in my stomach. He looked so handsome. I felt like we had been together forever, even though it has only been a month. He had the biggest smirk splashed across his face. It took me a second to register that he was standing next to a black limo, and holding a single red rose in his hand.  “I am not sure if you could have taken any longer.” He joked while slowly walking up to me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I dropped everything I had in my hands and flew off the steps and into his arms. “I never thought I could miss someone so much.” I whispered as I felt tears building up in my eyes. He had his arms wrapped so tightly around my entire body.  All I wanted to do was stand here and stay in this moment. I did not want him to let me go. His breath on my ear sent chills all the way down to my toes, “Me either.” I pulled back and looked him in the eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the driver getting out of the car and turn to the both of us, “excuse me Mr.Horan, I don’t mean to interrupt but if you want to make your flight we must leave for the airport.” I shot an excited and curious look at Niall and I could tell he was more then thrilled with the fact that I had no idea where I was going. “Are you ready for the biggest surprise of your life?” he said as he handed me the rose and opened the door of the limo to help me in, “Yes, I am ready.” As I stepped off the curb I placed when gentle kiss on his lips, before finally getting into the car.


The airport was a mad house, once we pulled up Niall asked the driver to grab security for us because he did not want to risk being bombarded and miss our flight. I still was absolutely clueless on where we were going. “Now this might be a little crazy, some how people already know where I am taking you. It concerns me sometimes how the fans find out as much as they do. Thank god for Maria and Chelsea.” I thought back to when Maria closed the laptop this morning and gave me a worried look. I also remembered that since Thursday, every time I grabbed the laptop to go online she would take it from me and tell me “Its girl time! No surfing the internet.” Those sneaks, they knew all along! Niall saw the look on my face and laughed. “You have good friends Jena, I like them.” I smiled right as a security guard opened the door and told us they were ready to go. Niall did not want to risk my safety or the chance of missing our flight; so two security guards escorted us all the way to our gate. With my hand in one and his guitar in the other, Niall pulled me through the airport with security on each side of us. There were fans everywhere, taking pictures, asking for autographs, even some crying. We have been out in public together but it has never been like this. I guess this is what happens when they know exactly were we will be. With all the commotion I still had no idea where we were going until we were in our seats in first class on the plane. We were so late for our flight we did not even have to wait, we got right on the plane and no more then 5 minutes after we took our seats, they closed the door and prepared for take off. I was waiting patiently for the captain to come over the loud speaker. After waiting for what seemed like hours, he came on, “Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking we like to welcome you onboard this Aegean flight to Athens, Greece.” I looked at Niall who looked extremely happy with the fact that he was able to pull this off. “Greece? Your taking me to Greece?” I could not breath. I thought I was dreaming. “Think of it as a happy one month?” With one hand holding mine, and the other placed on my neck he gave me a quick kiss, looked me in the eyes and whispered “happy one month anniversary.”

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