With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


18. Chapter 18

         The next two weeks were crazy, but flew by rather fast. Niall was away a lot with the boys promoting their new album release that was creeping up rather fast. I could tell we were getting closer as the days went on. While he was away we constantly kept in touch through texting and skype. We skyped every night once he was back in his hotel room, he made it clear it was always the highlight of his day. It was worldwide news to all directioners, which is what they called their fans, that Niall was officially in a relationship, with a mystery girl named Jena. Although, it only stayed a mystery for about 2 days after the Chatty man interview. Photos that neither of us had been aware were ever taken quickly started popping up on the Internet. Their were pictures of us getting rather affectionate on walks with Dodger in the park, and dancing out at the club, and even cuddling on the couch by the fire at our favorite pub. We were not safe from the prying eyes.

        It was early Saturday morning when I got a phone call from an international number that I did not recognize. Niall had just left this morning for America and I had no idea what I was going to do with myself for the next week. Leyla decided to work extra hours since while the boys were in town she spent just as much time with them, Liam specifically, as I did. Even Eleanor who both Leyla and I grew rather close with had a lot of studying to do for finals that were coming up. I was pretty much on my own.  I quickly answered the phone and was ecstatic to hear one of my best friends from home Maria, “OH MY GOD! You must be having way more fun in London than we ever could have expected! You are plastered all over the internet, when were you going to tell us you turned into an overnight celebrity?” I could not help but laugh and roll my eyes, “Well hello to you to, and when you say us I must assume you are with Chelsea as well?” Chelsea gave a little hello and I quickly learned the two of them had me on speaker phone, I swear they sounded a lot closer than they really were. “How are you guys, I miss you! So much has happened in the last three weeks. Sorry I have not called you sooner it has just been insane.” “Yeah we noticed once we saw you and your new boyfriend all over E! news and the cover of several magazines.” I stopped for a second to take in what she had said. E! news? Magazines? Me? Was it just me or did that news travel overseas a lot faster than I thought it would. “I cannot wait for you guys to come visit! We need to plan it; maybe we could aim for sometime in December? I am sure we could find flights!” Suddenly there was a knock on my door. I was confused because I was not expecting anyone but I walked over to the door and slowly opened it. I was completely frozen but managed to drop my phone and scream when I saw my two best friends Maria and Chelsea standing there with the biggest smiles on their faces. Finally at the same time the two of them screamed “SURPRISE!”
          “What are you guys doing here! How did you? When did you? I can’t believe it!” I could not contain my excitement; I was in complete and utter shock. “Well it’s a little chilly out, so could we come in and we will tell you all about it?” Maria walked past me and into the living room greeting Dodger along the way. Chelsea and I shuffled into the apartment after closing the door. She was still hugging me and apparently was not ready to let go. “So a couple days ago I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answered it and did not believe who I heard on the other end.” She proceeded with her story. Apparently, the other night when Niall and I were getting ready to meet our friends out at the pub, he went into my phone and took out Chelsea and Maria’s numbers. He then got in touch with them and let them know that he had already arranged and paid for everything from the flights, to the car service to get them here today to spend the week with me while he was in the states. He told them that all I did was talk about them and how much I missed them and he thought there was no better way than for me to spend some time with them. “Niall did all of this?” I said while tears were slowly building up in my eyes. “Yes, we flew first class and the car service met us at the terminal right when we stepped off of the plane. We did not have to do anything” Chelsea said, “Jena, he is a keeper. Don’t you do anything to mess this up!” Chelsea said jokingly. I laughed, but she was right, he was amazing. He did all of this for me? To make me happy. I sat there for a minute, trying to soak it all in. I finally realized that this was it. This was the moment. The moment that I realized I was genuinely falling in love with him.

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