With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


17. Chapter 17

The host of Chatty Man was a guy by the name of Alan Carr, I must say he was very entertaining and I honestly could probably watch his interviews for hours. After a couple of announcements, a few tacky jokes and a commercial break he finally introduced the boys and I suddenly lost my hearing. From what I could see, and hear, there was nothing but teenage girls in the audience. The interview rolled along smoothly, Alan teased them about several embarrassing pictures that were obviously taken by the paparazzi, brought up the fact that the last few times they were on the show they had had a dance off in which they had lost, and were reminded that there would be a rematch. Then, they finally started to discuss their upcoming CD.

After another commercial break it was nearing the end of the interview. Patrick walked up next to Leyla and I without even saying a word or throwing us a glance. The boys had just finished hysterical laughing at a picture of Harry in his boxers on a hotel balcony when Alan asked the usual question that every teenage girl wanted to know, “so which one of you lovely boys has a girlfriend?” Like always, Louis and Zayn raised their hands. I could see Harry turn to Niall and lift his eyebrow. At that moment Niall looked over at Patrick, and then at me. I felt my heart start racing but knew that this was not the right time. I did not want him to get in trouble, not because of me. So I shook my head and mouthed the words “its okay” before he could say anything.  Patrick seemed to acknowledge our exchange and went back to sipping his coffee with a smug look on his face. What happened next I did not expect. Without warning, in the silence between screams from the crowd, Harry shouted, “Niall’s got a girlfriend!” Patrick, obviously stunned with what he heard spit his coffee out all over himself. All Leyla and I could do was look at each other with shock on both of our faces. “Yeah he does! And she is very lovely, we could not have wished for him to find a better girl!” Louis added smiling over at Niall. Niall looked over at both Harry and Louis and I could see it in his eyes that he was grateful. “Yeah I do actually, her name is Jena.” Alan was very amused by this and started talking about how slowly each one of them was being gobbled up by beautiful women. He then brought the attention back to Harry and his love of being naked all the time.


Once the interview was done, the boys walked off stage and Niall ran up to me and lifted me up into his arms, “well, its out now. You are officially my girlfriend.” I smiled and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Patrick walked by us without even looking at Niall and mumbled a quite “nice job”. His eyes were locked on me with a look that I swear could kill and walked off. “Don’t worry about him, he will get over it,” Niall reassured me before grabbing mine and Leylas hands, pulling us towards the dressing room where the rest of the boys were.  I was sure they would try and cut the part about Niall having a girlfriend out of the actual interview when it aired the following week, management could do those things. But it was too late, Leyla had already opened her phone to check out twitter and saw tweet after tweet about girls both excited and annoyed that Niall had a girlfriend. Although this interview was not shot live, the 200 plus girls in the audience and press sitting backstage watching, waiting for something like this to happen, had the news splashed all over the internet in mere seconds.

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