With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


15. Chapter 15

 The line at the club was almost 2 blocks long. At first I was nervous we were a little under dressed but Eleanor assured us that we did not need to get all dressed up for this place. Our two black SUVs pulled right in front of the entrance where a couple of security guards were waiting to escort us in. Part of me felt bad that we were cutting all of those people in line, but I quickly brushed it off. Leyla, Liam, Niall and I got out of our SUV and walked right into the club, Niall not letting go of my hand. Louis, Eleanor, Josh and Harry were right behind us. As we walked into the club we all went in separate directions. Niall lead me straight to the bar, turned around and pulled me in close, “So what would you like to drink? And please don’t tell me you don’t drink. Because you look like a party girl.” I gave him a flirty wink “Rum and coke please.” “A rum girl hmm? Never would have guessed it.” “Yes I love rum. I dont usually get a bad hangover the next morning after I drink it.” Niall nodded his head, “That’s good to know. I like my pints just in case you were wondering.” I rolled my eyes “typical of an Irishman eh?” He laughed as the bar tender came over and took our orders.

         We danced for what seemed like hours. I could tell Leyla was having a great time, she was hanging out with Liam and Harry most of the night. I saw her walk over to the bar and decided to go meet up with her. “I am going to go talk to Leyla.” I shouted in Niall’s ear. “Don’t be to long.” He gave me a kiss and I walked over to the bar. “Having a good night?” Leyla turned around and I could tell she was a little tipsy. “Of course! The guys are great. I never would have imagined them to be this down to earth.” I saw Eleanor walking over from where the boys were standing. “Hey girls, what is everyone drinking?” Eleanor got the next round and we made a toast to new friends.  After she sipped her drink she looked over at me, “Niall absolutely adores you. I have never heard him talk so much about a girl. You guys are perfect for each other.” I could not help but look over at him on the other side of the club, staring over at me. We locked eyes for a moment and I felt those butterflies in my stomach that I got whenever he looked at me. “He is great. I couldn’t be happier.”


          The 3 of us drank a couple more rounds until we were all feeling pretty good. We toasted to being young, beautiful and even fashion forward, which made us look around at some of the outfits girls were wearing and laugh. After our last toast Eleanor started waving at someone behind me. I turned around to see a very attractive blonde walking our direction. Leyla taped me on the shoulder, “that’s Perrie. She is with zayn. She sings in a group called little mix, popular here in the UK.” Her and Eleanor hugged and did the typical girl thing were you evaluate each other’s outfits. Then Perrie turned to Leyla and I, “Hi Jena, I’m Perrie. And you must be Leyla! I hope you girls are having a good time tonight. Sorry we are so late. We had a bit of trouble getting here. It is crazy outside.” The four of us chatted for a little while then Perrie finally went off to find Zayn and say hello to the boys. I was about to walk back over to Niall when two bleach blondes, one specifically who was wearing zebra print pants and a top that was 2 sizes to small for her enormous breasts started talking to Eleanor, “Aren’t you Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend?” Eleanor politely answered with a half smile, “yes I am.” The two blondes laughed and the one with the ridiculously hideous outfit made a snide comment back, “isn’t he like gay? That’s to bad for you.” And the two blondes, hysterical laughing turned around to walk off. Before I could stop myself I went after her. “Excuse me.” They turned around with a dumbstruck look on both of their faces. “You know, where I am from people call other girls boyfriends gay, to make themselves less upset about the guy not being with them. Its called jealousy.” The busty blonde snapped back “and who are you?” “It doesn’t matter, but just so you know jealousy is extremely ugly. And so are those pants.” I could hear both Leyla and Eleanor bust out laughing behind me. The two blondes had nothing else to say and walked off with the most embarrassing looks on their faces. “Thank you Jena, you did not have to do that. I have to deal with that all the time.” “They are just jealous. Don’t ever let it bother you.” Eleanor gave me a hug, and then walked off to go find Louis. I was lifted off my feet and realized that I did not have to go find Niall. “Are you ready to go home?” he asked as he dropped me back to my feet. “Yes I am.” He started kissing me, but this time he was exploring more then my outer lips. He pulled back but only for a second, “I have one question before we go.” I looked at him with a confused look and waited for the question, “Can I spend the night with you?” I did not even have to give him an answer. My look said it all.

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