With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


14. Chapter 14

As I showered and got ready for the night I could not help but feel like I was floating.  This day could not have been anymore perfect. Niall was perfect. Today proved that he indeed was into me just as much as I was into him. I also realized that I wanted nothing more then to be with him. I realized if I wanted it to work, the best thing would be to take it slow, and not to rush into it. If I wanted it to work this was my only option. There was the thought in the back of my mind of him going on tour in a few months, and the constant trips he had to take for work. This put knots in my stomach. But I would not let it ruin what we had right now. I also reminded myself to take it one day at a time, who knew if it would even get that far. I could only hope.

          I did not need to ask Leyla twice if she wanted to come out with us tonight. When I asked her, her eyes lit up and for 5 seconds I let her go all fangirl on me. Neither of us had any idea what to wear, so like most girls we sat on my bed for 20 minutes discussing. I finally settled on black booties and a pair of patterned leggings that were perfect for the fall with several different colors on them. I toped it off with a black 3-quarter sleeve crew neck tunic. Leyla went with a pair of skinny jeans, tan riding boots and a turquoise crop top that was longer in the back and shorter in the front. Both of us decided to leave our hair alone and go out with our natural waves.

          We walked up to Niall’s and I could hear the music on inside. I had only met a couple of the guys and was a little nervous to meet the rest. According to Leyla I had not met Harry or Zayn yet. Luckily before we left she pulled them both up on the computer so I knew who I was looking for. “Should we knock?” Leyla asked with a confused look on her face. I was sure if we did no one would be able to hear us so I slowly opened the door and walked in. I immediately looked around to find Niall. Before I could even walk 2 feet into the living room a tall, curly haired boy jumped right in front of Leyla and I “Hello! You must be the beautiful, amazing Jena that we have all heard so much about!” Me and Leyla both laughed, he was obviously already a couple drinks in. “ Yes, I am Jena. This is my friend Leyla.” Harry put out a hand “and I’m Harry, can I interest you two beautiful ladies in a drink?” Before we could answer Louis walked over and put his arm around Harry, “excuse me Mr. Styles but you better not be hitting on the ladies before they even walk in the door. Especially that one, she is taken.” I blushed a little as he pointed at me and looked over at Leyla, who was obviously trying to soak this all in. “Hi Harry, Louis. Thanks so much for inviting us! I am sure we are in for a good time tonight.” Louis pinched Harry’s nipple before he ran off towards the kitchen and then shouted back at me, “a good time is an understatement, you are going to have the best night of your life.”

I felt someone come up behind me and wrap their arms around my waste and I felt a light kiss on my neck and a whisper in my ear, “you look beautiful.” I turned around to see Niall who was in a long sleeved red tee shirt and light washed jeans. Casual, but so handsome at the same time. “And you do not look so bad yourself.” He gave me one more kiss on the nose and pulled me into the living room. Harry and Louis had already dragged Leyla into the kitchen to make her a drink. “So you met Harry, he is the curly haired one, Zayn is the only one you have not met yet. He is meeting us out with his girlfriend Perrie. She is really nice I think you two will get along.” I looked over into the kitchen were I saw Leyla, Harry, Louis, Liam, Josh and a girl I did not recognize taking shots. Suddenly I must have caught the girls attention because she started running towards me. “Hi, my name is Eleanor. I am Louis’s girlfriend. You are a lot prettier then Niall has described.” We both looked up at Niall and he was blushing. I was flattered with her compliment; I was absolutely nothing compared to her. She had long perfect brown hair, the perfect body and sparkling light brown eyes. No wonder Louis was with her, she was stunning. “We are going to have such a great time out tonight, me and Perrie are so excited that we have two more girls to hang out with! Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming with these clowns.” I laughed and looked to my left at Harry, Niall and Liam rolling on the floor while Louis was acting as a referee. I put on a little smirk and thought to myself, yeah, tonight would be a night to remember.

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