With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


13. Chapter 13

It was the kiss I have been waiting for. He walked up to me and grabbed me by the waist pulling me in tight and placing his soft lips against mine. It was a good thing he was holding me because I probably would have lost my balance. After he kissed my lips he slowly started placing kisses all over my face from my nose, to my cheeks then my cheeks, to my neck. I could not help but start to giggle like a little school girl, “ok ok, there are other people in this park!” He laughed and was quick to respond “I don’t care; I had to wait 3 days to do that!” I pulled away from him to look down at Dodger who was visually unhappy with his lack of attention. “Why are you home a day early? I thought you would be gone until tomorrow?” “They had to cancel our last stop here in London. The bad news is now I need to work tomorrow, but at least it is in this country.” He smiled and pulled me back in so he could kiss me again; his breath on my lips gave me chills up my spine. “I could get used to this. Coming home to you,” He said as I placed a kiss on his lips and whispered “So could I,” and I meant it.

                “Whoa, I think you two need to get a room.” I quickly spun around to a sassy British accent that I did not recognize. I was immediately embarrassed but relieved when Niall laughed and shot a sassy comment right back “your just jealous,” he said looking down at me with a reassuring grin. “Hello love, I’m Louis.” The boy was also very handsome; he had long light brown hair and blue eyes. Why were all these boys so good looking? “This is one of my band mates, Louis. Louis this is Jena.” I politely put out a hand but was quickly pulled into a hug and squeezed so hard I thought my eyes would pop, I heard Niall let out a little laugh. “We don’t shake hands love, we are a very affectionate group of lads.” “It is very nice to meet you Louis.” Niall was quick to jump into the conversation, “whats up lou? You are kind of interrupting something if you have not noticed.” Niall threw me a quick wink before Louis answered him “I was told by the boys to let you both know we were going out tonight to a pub in the city. I knew you came here to surprise her so I figured since I was passing by I would stop by to relay the message. You both better be joining us!” It sounded more like a command then an invitation. “I would love to! It sounds like a lot of fun.” I looked over at Niall hoping that he was up for it as well. “Sounds like a good time, is it alright if Jenas friend Leyla comes as well?” I could not help but swoon at the fact that he remembered my best friend. “Of course the more the merrier! We will see you guys tonight then? We can make it easy and meet at your place.” Niall nodded. We said our goodbyes to Louis and watched him walk back towards the entrance of the park, get into his Porsche, and drive off. “Are you sure you are up for a night out with those lads? It could get a little crazy.” I gave him a little smirk, threw my arms around his neck and pulled him towards me so I could place one more passionate kiss on his bare lips, “as long as I get to be with you, I will go anywhere.”

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