With You - Niall Horan Love Story

"Although the pub was dim, I could clearly make out his beautiful blue eyes, and perfect long blonde hair that I just wanted to reach out and curl in between my fingers."


10. Chapter 10

I followed the directions I was given to the flat a few blocks away from mine that Niall lived in. I knocked on the door and about 2 seconds later it opened, except the face that greeted me was not the one I expected. “Hi, Jena right?” I nodded at Josh “Fancy seeing you again. Come on in!” I walked past him a little confused and walked into the flat. This one had to be at least double the size of mine and Leyla’s. Did more than just Niall live here? “Niall is in the shower still, when he got back from your date he kind of got a little distracted.” Well at least Leyla and I were not the only ones that thought our picnic was a date.

          I followed Josh into the large living area where another boy was sitting on a large wrap around couch. He looked familiar, and unlike all the times I thought Niall looked familiar but could not figure out why, I knew he had to be one of the boys from the band. “Jena this is Liam.” Josh introduced him. Liam was a little bit taller than Niall, but also very good looking. Now I know where all the good looking boys have been hiding. “Hello, want to play some football with us?” I looked at him for a minute wondering if he was serious, then when they both seemed to be waiting for an answer I gave them a confused “ok?” I could play video games; I actually would consider myself a pro at some of them. But ask me to play madden, MLB or any sport game? I was terrible. They both laughed “We will help you, you can be on my team.” Liam handed me the controller and started explaining buttons to me. I was lost after he had only explained 2 of them. “Just press anything, for beginners that usually is the best option.” Him and josh both laughed and so did I.
        What seemed like forever, Niall finally came hopping down the stairs. “Sorry about that, words of advice do not give your best mates keys to your place.” He smiled at me and I could not help but smile and stare at him before I jumped because of a sudden outburst from josh “I WON!” Liam threw the remote onto the couch, “that is not fair I was being a nice guy and helping Jena, rematch!” Before they could even start an argument Niall jumped in “ok time to get out of MY place.We are watching, what are we watching?” I completely forgot for a moment what movie I even grabbed and looked into my purse, “She’s the man.” Nialls face lit up, “Perfect! A movie about football. Now, bye guys.” The boys got up and said their goodbyes, and headed out the door. Niall and I were now alone. “I ordered pizza. It should be here soon, but until then do you want anything else?” “No thank you, I am good for now. I would love a drink though.” Without hesitation he headed towards the kitchen.
On the wall behind the flat screen TV I could not help but notice all the awards he had hanging up. I never realized how popular One Direction was, especially in the states. “I hope you like wine, I have some but I could not tell you what it is, or how it even got here.” I laughed and took a sip, “it’s alright, I am not a huge wine person so I would not know what the name meant, white and red is all I know.” “Just another thing to add to my list of why I like you.” He smiled at me and walked toward the couch. He grabbed the DVD and threw it into his DVD player. “Are you cold? Do you need anything, a blanket, I could turn up the heat.” He was trying so hard to make me comfortable, it was the cutest thing ever. Could he be any sweeter? “I am perfectly fine. Thank you. Have you seen this movie?” He laughed, “Of course, who hasn’t? It is a very funny movie.” Then the movie started. 
        We got about half way through the movie when I could hear the wind picking up outside. I saw on the weather earlier that day a storm was going to come through, but there has not been any signs of it until now. I walked over to the window and looked outside, “It is getting pretty crazy out there.” I could see and hear large pieces of hail coming down now. He walked over to the window behind me, “Your right. This weather must be what is holding up our pizza, I am still hungry. Unfortunately while I was out with you the boys cleaned out my cabinets.” I loved that he was always hungry, I was always hungry but of course I tried to hide that from him. I looked up at him right at the moment he looked down at me and he smiled. I was suddenly trapped, I was staring into his beautiful blue eyes and my heart started racing. I wanted to kiss him so bad but I was not going to. I suddenly thought I had said that out loud when he looked down at my lips and then back up into my eyes, I couldn’t help but bite my lip as my heart started racing even faster. I leaned  a little closer to him. At the same time he was already leaning in towards me. The moment could not be any more perfect. I could feel his breath on my face, and his lips just about to touch mine. When suddenly it was pitch black. The power went out.           

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