Every Last Moment (A One Direction Fan Fic)

An eighteen year old girl named Kendal finds out that while One Direction is getting ready for a show a murder is going to happen and what they don't know is that its on them! The only thing standing in the murderer's way are the fans (Directioners)
While Kendal and her friend, Kate are getting ready to face the worst, One Direction is singing and loving life.


3. Scream

I quickly ran downstairs to see if Kate was alright.

"Are you okay?!" I yelled hoping for a response. Nothing. I tried yelling more but nothing happend. Was she okay? I wanted to know then and now! As I was running down the stairs I slipped on my ballet slippers again. I really needed to move them but now was not the time. As I got to the front door, nothing was wrong with Kate but someone else was at the front door.

It was One Direction! I didn't scream I just smiled and pulled Kate to the side, I asked her questions she didn't know but then I asked,

"Why are they here?!"

"They got your tweet and couldnt believe it until they got death threats" she replied.

I stood there in disbelief, my mouth was hung over in awe. I went back to the front door and invited them inside. We started talking about what was happening. I instantly fell in love, it's funny how they can still crack a joke in their death story. We were supposed to leave for the concert, but they had other plans.

We ended up in their limo, driving 100 MPH rushing to get to the concert, another funny thing is that we also didn't get pulled over or anything! I wonder why? Anyways Kate and I still had to save One Direction's life.

*In the limo*

"Well, I just cannot believe that I am in a limo trying to save One Direction's life." I said akwardly

"I can't believe we're all going to die!" Louis said with a laugh

"Thats it!!!!!" said Diana

"Thats what?" asked Liam

"That's exactly why I love you guys so much, you can always make a laugh out of anything, I mean a murderer is after you and you find time to crack a joke in and have laugh!" Diana replied smiling her bigest smile. She was right. Was this why everybody was in love with One Direction?

"We're just trying to be ourselfs," said Zayn, "You know we love our job but being on the road twenty-four seven, my god, we have to entertain ourselfs somehow, making jokes, and drawing on peoples faces is as good as it gets for us!"

"Well sometimes we tweet and eat, but almost none of us sleep because we might go onstage with a mustache, or like designs on our faces." Niall added

"We really enjoy ourselfs but it's times like these that really scare us!" Zayn said with wide eyes. Thay all seemed to be shaking and took turns talking perfectly adding in one thing after another. I almost thought it was scripted and everything they were saying was off notecards. But it wasn't everything was true and really.

We finally got to the stage, girls attacked us and started hitting the windows, securtity took them away. Wow was this really what it was like?

I noticed Harry sat right next to Diana and was flirting with her. Well Niall was flirting with me. Ha thats another reason why I like these boys, their so outgoing!

"So like, I think we're here..." Harry slowly said.

We were here we each walked out of the limo one by one in a single file line. Was this the time? Was this the day I was going to die for someone I loved? Well Diana and I were ready!

We got to go backstage and plan our scheme. We had an idea!


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