Every Last Moment (A One Direction Fan Fic)

An eighteen year old girl named Kendal finds out that while One Direction is getting ready for a show a murder is going to happen and what they don't know is that its on them! The only thing standing in the murderer's way are the fans (Directioners)
While Kendal and her friend, Kate are getting ready to face the worst, One Direction is singing and loving life.


1. The Tickets

I had Just bought my One Direction concert tickets. Somehow They weren't what I was expecting, I wonder if it was just me or something else but It was a good mistake they were front row when I ordered the riser seats. So in someway I was really happy. The concert was the next day I had to decide what to wear. Obvously a One Direction shirt but what else? I'll figure it out tomorrow, the day of the concert.

My friends always tell me their concerts are amazing. So I needed to see one myself. It would be amazing since im a huge Directioner and I've always wanted to go to a One Direction concert.


_________Day Two___________

I woke up in the morning expecting to have the greatest day ever. I decided to go on to Facebook I went into a directioner chat and then thats when the thing happend. It was a girl planning a murder on One Direction! I couldn't believe this was happening! This isn't happening today is it? I'm going to that concert today. I will not let anyone ruin it! I did what any Directioner would do I tweeted them telling them everything and they never tweeted back! Now it was up to me to save One Direction. I tweeted every Directioner I knew.


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