Far too close to backstage

Allie works backstage at different venues all around, She is getting promoted for the first time to clean after one certain band in their dressing room. She has no clue that the band her boss (who she absolutely hates) gave her the band one direction. She has never heard of them time now. After the first few concerts Allie starts the fall for one of the band members.But will there be mixed emotions with other band members? Who knows. She just didn't expects this all to happen in one.....or more years.


6. 6

Lily spins the light brown root beer bottle and I am scared to know who it is. As he wrist finishes pushing the bottle around, it flies in circles. There are 4 boys playing and 1 girl and who knows whats gonna happen. When the bottle finally slows down, the bottle lands on Niall. Oh no, cant look. I look away as I fold the blankets that the boys already unraveled.

I turn around after about 5 minutes of folding a few blankets to find Lily and Niall's lips still entwined. Ewww!!!"Aha umm no!" I say walking into the kitchen. That is nasty. Louis follows me and takes a seat at the island. I pull out the lasagna and hit the off button so the oven will stop beeping. "That is nasty!!" I complain to Louis.

"Yeah it is but she is however years old and she does need more trust from you. She is old enough and Niall is a good kid, don't worry." Louis reassures me. I smile. He's right.

"Yeah I guess your right." I say just as everyone runs into the kitchen. Niall comes in first, then Lily. Liam is next. After Liam it's Harry. Then Zayn slowly walks into the kitchen with his eyes glued to his phone.

"I SMELLED FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lily and Niall yell at the same time. It's amazing that Niall isn't creeped out by Lily's fan girling.

"Here yah go!! Everyone sit at the dinning room table" I say bringing 7 plates to the table and sitting them at the table. Everyone, jumps right into their seat and starts stuffing their mouths. Niall and Lily sat together. They are so close now and they just met. I'm worried. At least there's 7 separate rooms that everyone can sleep alone. I sit next to Louis as he eats slower than everyone else. I am starving. I start eating at a normal pace so I dont make a mess like everyone else.

Lily never eats like she is now. She is more civilized. I guess she is acting this way cause of Niall. Boys tend to change girls. After everyone finishes, they all go to their rooms. I stay in the kitchen and clean up. As I am washing the dishes, I hear two different giggles coming from Lily's room. I run up the big stairwell. I try to open Lily's door but it's locked. I knock on it and the noise stops. Theres some shuffling and then Lily opend the door. She is fixing her shirt as Niall is in the background jumping up and down trying to get his pants on.

"AHA OUT NOW!!!" I scream at Niall as everyone comes out of their rooms.

"What's wrong babe?" Louis asks whilst wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Niall was getting some of my sister!!!" I scream again. She is just a 17 year old girl.

"Ugh give me some freedom!!!!" Lily yells.

"Yeah uh not that much freedom, missy. You are not aloud to see Niall when we come back from the tour.

"Niall invited me, you have to let me go, it's rude to turn someone down after you said you were already going." She argues. She's right but not fully.

"Fine but you aren't going to see Niall afterwards." I get her back. I might be being too harsh. I am gonna try to tone it down a bit.

"FINE!!" She screams whilst shutting and locking her door, teens! She is so hard to work with after my parents died. They're probably frowning at me right now.

"it'll be okay, Allie. She is gonna forgive you soon!" Louis tries to make me feel better. I turn around so my body is facing Louis. Everyone is back in their room right now so we are alone.

"You sure?" I quiz.

"Yes I am, Love!!" He is making me feel better.

"Okay!!" I say leaning into Louis and kissing him passionatly


When I wake up, I'm in my bed.It seems early so I roll over to find a body under me. It seems cold. I touch the body under me. ITS NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Good morning babe!" Louis laughs.

"Louis your naked!!!" I warn

"Yeah so are you!" He giggles.

"What?????" I whisper/scream.

"Yeah we ended up having some fun last night." Louis laughs and lays back on top of me."And it was surely fun!!" He says smashing his lips with mine. I guess we did. Till a knock at the door makes us pull apart.

"Allie??" Lily says opening the door. I quickly cover our bodies with blankets."OH MY GOD!!" She yells. "you rat me out for being bed with Niall but your here letting Louis take your body on a ride!!" She yells and runs out of  the room leaving the door wide open so I can see the 4 boys looking into the room.

"Do you mind???" I question. They all walked away."Thats what I thought" I whisper to myself.

"Okay now go get changed, Allie. I will deal with Lily." Louis says getting some clothes on.

I walk to the bathroom and start my shower.

Louis' POV

Lily just like threw a fit so I am gonna go take care of her for Allie. After I leave the room and walk over to Lily's room, I slowly walk into the room to find Lily and Niall on the stupid bed again."Louis!!" Lily complains. Oh god!!!

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