Far too close to backstage

Allie works backstage at different venues all around, She is getting promoted for the first time to clean after one certain band in their dressing room. She has no clue that the band her boss (who she absolutely hates) gave her the band one direction. She has never heard of them time now. After the first few concerts Allie starts the fall for one of the band members.But will there be mixed emotions with other band members? Who knows. She just didn't expects this all to happen in one.....or more years.


4. 4

The boys run on to the stage and they all look at home. Since their new album came out they're probably siked to sing their new song. Theres a knock at the door. "Come in!" I basically scream.

"Hey Allie, got some news!" Jess says coming over to me. I smile hoping it is something I like. I smile and wait for her to tell me. "Okay so the boys said that they loved you and you were amazing and I have been waiting to up your job to one artist. And well I choose One Direction. Their tour starts in a week and you go with them, you have to share the bus with them unfortunately." She smiles. OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING. When will I tell the boys how longs the tour? All these questions are all going through my head until something brings me to reality. "Well I will let you think. The Bus'll come and pick you up at 3:00pm July 23rd. Have a nice day love." Jess gets up and leaves.

"Are you excited?" Jay asked. OF COURSE.

"Yes I am just in shock!" I say smiling way to much.I cant take away the smile.

"Well I gotta get the girls and we gotta leave. I have dinner. Louis will see me when he comes to get his close at the house. He is moving in with all the boys. But tell the boys I said bye and good luck and that they were great. Hey you should give me your number. We can have you over soon. For dinner and to talk." I write down my number and she does the same.

"Okay bye, tell the girls to give Louis the key and I'll get it from him. Tell Lottie and the girls I said bye." I smile and take out my phone just as the oven beeps. I turn around and take the pizzas out. I quickly sit down and lean back on the couch, opening twitter. I find Louis tweeted.

gone on stage and having an amazing girl coming on tour with us, shes perfect @alliedaling Love her sooo much xxx

I smile and lock me phone just as the boys pile in. "PIZZAS DONE!" I yell as the walk past me except Louis, he sits with me. "Saw your tweet!" I say giving him a peck on the cheek.

"You like it?"



"For what?"


"Oh yeah defenatly!" I say. "Crap, I gotta get home, you guys did great, call me later. Crap Lily's gonna kill me!" I say grabbing my jacket and started walking down the sidewalk. When footsteps got closer as I walk. I then soon turn to see Louis. "What?" I ask walking to him.

"The boys and I wanna have a sleepover at your place." He says faint.

"Fine, hurry and get them, I live round the corner." I say standing there frezzing in short shorts and a light jacket

I am waiting for about 10 minutes when the boys come over to me and we walk, my sister is home alone, a 17 year old girl gets mad when theres no food on the table. I am turning 21 this year and I gotta get a mew job so i am home for her. We make it home. Crap she loves these guys exspecialy Niall. "Niall and everyone else listen." I say grabbing their attention. "My sister, lily, loves you guys exspecialy niall so be scared of her crazyness.

I walk in the door, OH MY GOD!!!!!


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