Far too close to backstage

Allie works backstage at different venues all around, She is getting promoted for the first time to clean after one certain band in their dressing room. She has no clue that the band her boss (who she absolutely hates) gave her the band one direction. She has never heard of them time now. After the first few concerts Allie starts the fall for one of the band members.But will there be mixed emotions with other band members? Who knows. She just didn't expects this all to happen in one.....or more years.


3. 3

"What?" Everyone asks again.

"I am dating you Allie Daling!" Louis says grabbing me off the chair and spinning. Louis' mom is clapping with joy.

"When did we settle this?" I whisper. Louis smiles at me for a minute.

"Zayn says he already has a girlyfriend, her name is Perrie Edwards." Louis whispers. Perrie from Little Mix, love them. She is a good singer. I smile as I check the time.

"Oh my gawsh guys sound check you gotta leave now. Niall dont worry I can handle the rest of the pizza.

"Okay!!" They all say running out the door. The only people here are me and Louis' mom and sisters.

"Oh hey!!" An older looking one comes over to me. "Im Lottie." she says joyed.

"Im Allie, haha well I guess you already know that."I say walking over to the messy kitchen.

"Sorry bout the mess." lou's mom apologiesed.

"It's fine, hey girl's their are some shops for bands that have been here and the left overs are in room 45, heres the keys, you never got them from me," I say throwing the keys over at them.

"Thanks!" They all giggle and run out.

"Im Johanna but you can call me jay if you'd like." she says I start to clean the pizza mess after throwing it in the oven.

"Nice to meet you." I say nicely. "My mom went to school in England and met someone named Jay Tommo.She said it really wasnt her last name, I didnt get it. Her name is Lou." Jay's eyes light up.

"Allie I knew your mum, she inspired Lou's name. Well his nickname."

"Oh really?"



"The shows starting." she says turning head to the TV


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