Far too close to backstage

Allie works backstage at different venues all around, She is getting promoted for the first time to clean after one certain band in their dressing room. She has no clue that the band her boss (who she absolutely hates) gave her the band one direction. She has never heard of them time now. After the first few concerts Allie starts the fall for one of the band members.But will there be mixed emotions with other band members? Who knows. She just didn't expects this all to happen in one.....or more years.


2. 2

Louis' POV

  "Umm no we aren't dating, we're just friends. Well not really, but were just friends."  Allie says really fast reassuring Lottie that we weren't dating. I really did wish we were, I have feelings for her but Zayn told me when we got straight in the door that he called her and that I could have her if she doesn't like him.

  "Uh yeah." I say agreeing with her just so everyone will shut up.

  "But your eating carrots next to her." Daisy announced. Oh god who taught this child this.

  "So?" Allie laughed.

  "Everytime he eats carrot, he sits alone, unless he likes a girl. Such as you." Daisy explains alittle too good. This sucks.

  "Thanks!" I whisper as I shove more carrots into my mouth. I hear everyone giggle, even Allie and my mum. I think they would get along good if Allie and I were dating.

  "Aww does someone have a crush on me." Allie jokes making me feel even worse.

  "Louis please come with me," Allie says grabbing my hand to the room I was staying in. "I am sorry for whats happening back there. Did what I say hurt your feelings? if so, I am so so sorry." I stare into her beautiful blue eyes, they were a mix between mine and Niall's eyes.

  "Yeah it did hurt but it's okay, you were just trying to fit with the subject." I say giving a grin and rubbing the back of my neck. Allie smiles as she lays back on my bed next to me.

  "Louis?" Allie faces me.

  "Yeah." I lean and face her.

  "I wanna go out with you." She asked. I cant though.

Zayn's POV

  Allie and Louis have been gone for awhile. Niall and Lottie are in the kitchen "cooking" pizza. I have feelings for Allie and I know Louis does too. I am having all these thoughts go through my mind, and I have no clue whats happening. Everything is quiet in the living area. Then Allie and Louis walk into the living room. Heres my chance.

  'Louis I need to speak to you." All eyes were on me as I follow Louis to the hall. I know how what happens now. 'Louis I am gonna let you have Allie. I know how you feel and I have feelings for someone else. The girl who I am dating."

  'Dude thanks and who are you dating???" Lou seems eager.

  "Perrie Edwards. Its all over the internet and twitter." I say showing him all the drama about Perrie and me on twitter. Wow these fans really do love us.

  "Im proud good job and thanks. your the bestiest friend ever!!!" Louis says running down the hall.

Allie's POV

  Louis told me no because Zayn likes me and it wouldn't be fair. But then Zayn calls back Louis and I have no clue what to expect, Zayn to punch him. Just as these things go through my head. Louis comes running down the hall laughing. Zayn is walking happily behind him. What happened.

  "I AM DATING ALLIE DALING!!!!!!!!!!!" Louis yells

  "WHAT?" Everyone asked at the same time. Zayn's eyes were priceless.

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