Far too close to backstage

Allie works backstage at different venues all around, She is getting promoted for the first time to clean after one certain band in their dressing room. She has no clue that the band her boss (who she absolutely hates) gave her the band one direction. She has never heard of them time now. After the first few concerts Allie starts the fall for one of the band members.But will there be mixed emotions with other band members? Who knows. She just didn't expects this all to happen in one.....or more years.


1. 1

Allie's POV~

  "Allie, hurry up and clean this room before the show gets here!" Jessica nagged. Jessica is  my boss and I work backstage at arenas and venues, I love the jobs, but hate the boss. I think one of the plus' of working backstage is that you get to meet all the famous people who play there. I have met Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Usher and more. It's like living the dream.

  I shuffle down the hall to room 221. I open the door to find 5 teenage boys who look about 16 or 17 in it. "Excuse me but this isn't a room for you boys to play around in. I don't know how you got past security but out." I said calmly.

  "Um miss, were One Direction, we're the show tonight." The blonde, Irish one said while shoving some fries in his mouth.

  "Oh I'm sorry, you look not the band type. Sorry, is there anything I can get you, I am suppose to clean up after you and blah blah." I didn't feel like giving them the whole lecture I am suppose to give.

  "Well aren't you a charm." one chirped.

  "No we don't need anything, wait yes we do, company!!!" The curly one yelled. Ah hah I had the perfect company.

  "Okay here," I said tossing a giant stuffed bear that was on one of the chairs at the curly one.

  "No he meant you." another hype one yelled.

  "Noooo really, now I need names." i point to each person as they give me their full name.






  "Very strange names, now, if my boss asks tell her this room was clean when you got here." I say getting some cookies from the fridge.

  "Why?" Louis asks. He seems really weird. He walks to the fridge and pulls out some carrots, pushing me from the spot on the counter where I was using to pour milk and shoving many and many baby carrots in his mouth. Wow he has a problem, I just stare at him. Weird much.

  "Because i was heading down here to clean the room and you idiots are already down here messing it up. Now get off the couch, I have to fix it. I didn't plan to spend my evening with 5 annoying boys." I say shewing them off the couch and fixing the blankets and pillows with one hand. In the other I am holding my cookies and balancing the glass of milk on the container.

  "But your lucky to have us" Zayn cheered.

  "Yeah sure." I finally sit next to the least annoying one and probably the oldest, Liam.

  "When's the show?" Louis yells to me from the kitchen, still munching on his carrots, that boy I swear.

  "Please tell me your the oldest?" I whisper quietly into Liam's ear before shoving another cookie into my mouth. I put my feet up on the coffee table in front of me and lean back.

  "No, Louis is." He replied softly just as I swallowing another cookie. I tried not to cough at the response, which I didn't.

  "Knock Knock, Louis Mum is here with his 5 little sisters!" A youngish looking lady walked in with 5 girls following, all of them were beautiful.

  "Awww Louis that your girlfriend." one of them asked. I didn't even notice Louis was sitting next to me, still eating them carrots.God was this gonna be a night.

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