Over Again (Harry Styles/One Direction)

Emily Rose was just your normal 17 year old with a lot of responsibilities. She went to school and worked at a coffee shop to earn money for her ill father, a retired cop. Lately she's been feeling like her life was boring and repetitive this was until one day former gang member Harry Styles came into the shop. They had an instant connection, but what happens when gang members, sickness, death, and drugs are doing everything they can to tear them apart?


3. The wanting

Over Again

Chapter 3:

Emily's P.O.V

"I can't be taught easily" I said seductively lifting my head up slightly exposing my neck. He takes this opportunity to suck on it making my body feel as if it was on fire, burning in all the right places.

"We'll see about that"

"Oh is that a threat?" I ask in a small whisper finally getting the chance to touch his soft curly hair.

"No, a fucking promise" He declares.

His words made me shiver as started to move his head towards mine, slowly closing the space between us. My eyes fluttered close and my lips puckered slightly awaiting his lips when...

"Emily closing time!" Paul's voiced yelled from the back room thank god he didn't come out here.


This would happen to me. The sexy stranger and I quickly pulled apart from each other.

"When do you get off tomorrow?"

He suddenly asked after what seemed like a long period of silence.

"Uh I'm not sure it's busy here on Sundays so maybe around five" I said nervously rubbing my hands up and down my thighs.


He said reaching over me to get my note pad and pen. He written something down and handed it to me when he finished. I smiled as I looked at the seven digits neatly written on the piece of paper.

"I have some...." He paused

"Business to attended to tomorrow but give me a call after you get off and I'll pick you up"

The guy jumped over the counter and started to walk off.


I yelled, to fixated in my own happiness I suppose, to notice earlier that the paper with the number was nameless.

"What's your name?"

When he heard me he instantly turned around his curls slightly blowing in the wind coming from outside the entrance door. He smiled widely at me showing his perfect movie star like teeth and some adorable deep dimples on each side on his cheeks that I didn't notice before.

"It's Harry"

He replied before walking out of the shop without another word.

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