Over Again (Harry Styles/One Direction)

Emily Rose was just your normal 17 year old with a lot of responsibilities. She went to school and worked at a coffee shop to earn money for her ill father, a retired cop. Lately she's been feeling like her life was boring and repetitive this was until one day former gang member Harry Styles came into the shop. They had an instant connection, but what happens when gang members, sickness, death, and drugs are doing everything they can to tear them apart?


9. The touch

Over Again

Chapter: 9

Harry's P.O.V

"Wanna come inside?" I asked her with a sligh smile on my face. All I need is for her to say yes... let me take her in every way possible
and then in the morning leave. Making it clear that we'll never see each other ever again. One night. That's it. That's all I need.

A crimson blush started to form on her cheeks. She stared at the ground for a bit sliding her feet back and fourth looking extremely nervous which I found kind of cute. When I was about to tell her I could just walk her home she looked at me and responded softly


We walked into my apartment then I didn't have to worry about her seeing any of the drugs we had last night cause Louis and Zayn was selling the rest of it tonight. My secret was safe. I led her into the kitchen thinking that starting here will be more suitable a quick kiss turning into more till we reach the bedroom. Always a great plan.

"Want something to drink?" I asked
"Uh sure water please"
"No problem"

I walked up to the fridge and got out the gallon of water we had as Emily sat down counter which made us about the same height. I poured some water in a glass cup and handed to her making sure our fingers touched. She took a small sip and put the glass next to her.

"So what do you want to do" I asked leaning toward her slowly.

"I think you already know" she replied we were so close at this point. I lightly grazed my lips on to her not fully kissing her yet. Just teasing her a bit. She lightly groaned in frustration and pulled my head toward hers finally smacking our lips together. I smiled against her lips knowing I had this effect on her.

Our light kisses became more passionate as I gently moved my tongue onto her bottom lip asking for an entrance. When she gave in all I tasted was her minty fresh breath and cherry chap stick. It was sort of intoxicating. Our tongues fought for dominance but I knew in the end I was in control.

Emily pulled on my hair making me groan as my hands made their was down her neck lightly brushing my fingertips against her collarbone past her stomach and towards her hip bones rubbing my thumbs on to them driving her insane.

After what seemed like hours Emily pulled back from the kiss but not before I bit on her bottom lip and pulled lightly making her shiver next to me. "Fuck" she whimpered softly

Knowing what was going to happen next I quickly grabbed her ass feeling her legs rap around my waist and her arms around my neck and carried her to my bedroom.

I haven't bothered closing the door after we walked in knowing wed be alone. I threw her on the bed playfully and got on top of her. She giggled lightly tugging at the bottom of my shirt with her little hands. I took off my shirt loving the feeling of her fingertips brushing against my abs.

I pulled off her shirt pleased to see just red silk bra covering her breast. I began sucking on her collar bone as I reached behind her and unclipped her bra. She whimpered as the cold air in my room hit her chest. I leaned down toward her nipple and putting it in my mouth biting and pulling on it lightly. She began to lift up her hips and rub herself on me trying to find some friction.

All this teasing was driving me crazy I just wanted to make her come right now so I moved my head to hers lightly pushing her hair away from her ears.

"I wanna taste you" I whispered hoarsely in her ear. She moaned at my words. Getting more and more excited as we kept up this teasing. "Okay" she whispered as I moved down the bed pulling off her matching lacy red panties with my teeth and pulling one of her legs over my shoulder forcefully.

I kissed her inner thigh, biting on it before I was face to face with her sweetness. I moved my head toward her and licked her from her silt to her clit. Emily shivered slightly at that.

Her moans, her taste I just couldn't get enough of it. I then used two fingers inside of her pushing them in and out hitting her in just the rights spots every time.

Emily begin thrashing on the bed putting her right hand in her hair while she started chewing on her other hands index finger to keep her from moaning, but nothing could stop her.

She began to feel herself come undone.

Her toes started to curl

"Ah H-Harry"

"Please, god please..."

"Hmmmm what baby?" I whispered into her, my voice vibrating on her pussy making it that much harder to hold on to her orgasm.

"Harry.......fuck!" Emily came screaming my name. It probably had to be the best sound my ears had ever heard. Just when I was about to finally take her I heard footsteps out side of my bedroom

"Oh look at Harry's getting some."

And that was the first time I had the erg to murder my best friend.
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