Over Again (Harry Styles/One Direction)

Emily Rose was just your normal 17 year old with a lot of responsibilities. She went to school and worked at a coffee shop to earn money for her ill father, a retired cop. Lately she's been feeling like her life was boring and repetitive this was until one day former gang member Harry Styles came into the shop. They had an instant connection, but what happens when gang members, sickness, death, and drugs are doing everything they can to tear them apart?


2. The stranger

Over Again

Chapter 2:

Emily's P.O.V

I was about to curse the shit out of whoever reached over the counter to touch my waist. I was already not in the best of moods so I would have no problem slapping someone in the face right now but when I looked up the last thing I was expecting to see was this amazingly attractive guy in front of me.

He looked about 18 years old tall with nice broad shoulders he was wearing a see-through shirt so I noticed that he had a tattoo of two swallows on his chest and I suddenly had the urge to ask him what they meant.

This boy had beautiful emerald eyes his curly sex hair was just so perfect I wondered what it would be like to run fingers through it


He quickly apologized seeing my first reaction to him touching me but thankfully not noticing me checking him out.

"I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's alright." I say

"How may I help you?" And I actually didn't mind repeating myself that time.

He sunk his pearly white teeth into his bottom lip in concentration looking at the selections on the board above my head. His lips were really just calling for me to kiss them. I quickly licked my dry lips and started playing with my pen trying to distract myself from this attraction I had for this stranger.

"I guess I'll have just have a regular coffee light and sweet?"

he responded with a cheeky smile that made my heart flutter but it kind of sounded more like a question...

"Alright coming right up!" I replied pushing a piece of hair behind my ear.
before turning around to make the coffee. The entire time I felt his eyes on me which was making me slightly shaky and nervous. How does he make me feel like this?

When I handed him his drink he smiled at me then look down at the cup with a small frown.

"Is there something wrong?"I asked

" I don't really like coffee"

He admitted with a small laugh

"I saw you from the window and just couldn't get myself past the shop before getting a better look"

"What a line" I say rolling my eyes not even thinking twice about it.

I instantly regretted it when he pushed me back a bit and jumped over the counter. He looked down at me with this hard look in his eyes. Lust? No it couldn't be. Then he suddenly put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer to him making me gasp. Taking his other hand slowly running his fingers from the too my hair to their tips.

"It wasn't a line, but you..."
His eyes drift to my name tag but not before lingering his gaze to my cleavage.

"Emily" The way he said my name was just too much.

"You got a mouth on you. Someone should teach you a lesson" He whispered in my ear biting on it. Oh so he wanted to play like that did he.
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