Over Again (Harry Styles/One Direction)

Emily Rose was just your normal 17 year old with a lot of responsibilities. She went to school and worked at a coffee shop to earn money for her ill father, a retired cop. Lately she's been feeling like her life was boring and repetitive this was until one day former gang member Harry Styles came into the shop. They had an instant connection, but what happens when gang members, sickness, death, and drugs are doing everything they can to tear them apart?


6. The nightmare

Over Again

Chapter: 6

Harrys P.O.V

*FLAHBACK* / Harry's dream

Well we were all here in a dark alley far away from anyone else to hear our screams. It was dreary outside, rain pouring down hard I held my gun tightly ready to shoot. Liam and Louis where at my side

"Well well well look who we have here"

Carlos said to the other members of his gang.

"It's the Styles boy and his little posey how cute of all them to stop by"

"Don't test me Carlos I'm not afraid to shoot" I said

"Really? I bet for fact you wouldn't be that stupid...."

"And why not? Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn't blow your head off this very second"

"Boys" Carlos snapped his fingers and two huge guys came to view each of them holding onto someone's arms. I couldn't tell who was because the bag over their heads

" No.. it can't be.." Liam whispered almost low enough that if I wasn't paying attention I probably couldn't hear.

Carlos pulled off the bag that revealed the curlyhaired girl that Liam has been in love with since high school. Liam started running up to Carlos with his switchblade ready to kill but was caught by Marcus, one of Carlos members and was thrown headfirst into the concrete.

"A little stunt like that won't get you anywhere"

Carlos stated an evil smirk plastered on his disgusting face. Louis ran up to Liam checking if he was still alive luckily he was breathing but his eyes were shut close.

"What do you want?" I asked angrily

"To join us we'll be the best gang that the city has ever seen. We can make a lot of business working together."

"We will never work for the likes of you"

I snarled

"Hmm really? Maybe this will change your mind." Carlos stated before punching Danielle straight in the gut. She yelled and staggered to the floor in pain. Liam hearing this instantly opened his eyes and got up. He looked like he was about to pass out as he was trying to walk up to Danielle but dizzily tripping over his own 2 feet, Carlos noticing this laughs.

"I had enough next time you guys are on our turf you and your boys will be members that I promise you"

Carlos then took a switchblade from his other members John's hand and forcefully pulled up Danielle's head and put it to her throat

"No!" Me Liam and Louis yelled but it was too late Carlos sliced
her throat and threw her on the ground like she was nothing and started to run out the ally. I tried shooting at them but it was a lost caus, they were already halfway up the alley and I ended up falling over the lifeless girl.

Turning around I saw Liam right behind me pushing me off Danielle slowly running his hands through her curls. He lookedso dead inside. His face was expressionless, eyes filled with anger fear and sadness. Huge tears streaming down his face but he didn't attempt to wipe them off.

He just sat there on the ground until me and Louis had to drag him back into the apartment but not before calling 911.

We wanted to stay with Danielle's body till the ambulance came but unfortunately we couldn't because we knew instantly we would get blamed. And going to jail would not bring her back to life.

After that night none of us especially Liam were ever the same again

I woke up screaming my body slightly shaking. I felt hot and sweaty. My breath came out in pants. I rubbed my eyes roughly with my hands. Why the fuck am I getting those nightmares again? Maybe it's a sign... No. I won't let that happen again. I can't.
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