Over Again (Harry Styles/One Direction)

Emily Rose was just your normal 17 year old with a lot of responsibilities. She went to school and worked at a coffee shop to earn money for her ill father, a retired cop. Lately she's been feeling like her life was boring and repetitive this was until one day former gang member Harry Styles came into the shop. They had an instant connection, but what happens when gang members, sickness, death, and drugs are doing everything they can to tear them apart?


5. The gang

Over Again

Chapter 5:

Harry's P.O.V

The first person I saw was Zayn, passed out on the couch. He was one of the toughest guys I know physically, dark and mysterious. He was one of the best members in the group. He had absolutely no conscience, could kill anyone who didn't get their payment on time without even thinking twice. Zayn was just the best damn money collector I coulda ever asked for.

Ironically Niall was sitting on the floor watching cops. His hair looking all out the place, knuckles still bruised from fighting back the two guys that jumped him the night before. For a shrimp that little blonde kid actually packed a good punch. He was like our secret weapon.

I walked past both of them and went straight up to Liam who was sitting at the table eating a sandwich while he counted the money the boys made this week. He was the smartest one out of all of us, made it through his second year of college before droping out unlike the rest of us who barley made it through high school. He definitely was the most responsible too and that's why I put him in charge of the finance.

"Hey man."

I said walking over Liam, but got a response from everyone in the room with hi's, wassups, and a loud snore from Zayn.

"How are we doing?" I asked Liam refering to the money

"We did pretty damn good this week boss. Louis actually was the one who made most money so he's getting a break from patrolling our turf. Zayn and I will be doing it for a while with Andy and Josh."

"Alright good job. Where is that fucker anyway?"

"In the bedroom. He was watching tv but I think he ended up falling asleep on your bed cause him and Zayn had a little too much fun with the crank we got yesterday. Then Zayn just passed out, and took up the whole couch."

I nodded lightly patting Liam on the back with my hand and headed toward the my room.

When I made it to the room I saw Louis my right hand man and best friend plopped out spread eagle on the bed. I remember when he joined the gang it was just me Liam and Andy at the time and from the first time he spoke I knew we would literally be insuperable. He was the funny guy in the group always made bad situations disappear with just one joke.

Maybe that's what I liked about him, he didn't make it seem like we were in a gang fighting for our lives and selling drugs to try to make ends meat but more like we were in a frat house enjoying ourselves and working at campus jobs. I would risk my life for that guy and I know he felt the same way about me.

Seeing him so peaceful was annoying me a bit though. I haven't got any sleep in the past 2 weeks so why should he? So decided to get a running start and jump right on top of him. This made him jump in shock and groan loudly in pain as I pile drived my knee right into his stomach.

"Wake up you piece of shit!" I yelled with a wide smile on my face playfully trying to push him off the bed.

"What the fuck Hazza?" He tiredly responded trying to hit me with a pillow but to weak to even aim correctly.

"I need all the sleep I can get today so get out"

"Ugh your a pain, why can't I stay I'm tired too"

"Nope I gotta get up early sell half of the shit in the living room with Niall then head over to the coffee shop... I got a date"

"A date?"

"Yup with a waitress" I said with a cheeky grin on my face

"What happened to not getting involved with anyone?"

Louis asked one of his eye brows raised

"Relax Lou it's just a fling." I responded putting a pillow on face to tired to talk.

"Okay Haz just don't get too involved, you know what happened last time with Liam..."

I instantly frowned knowing just what he was talking about. I didn't want to remember that time of my life especially not now.

I nodded, into the pillow letting Louis know I got what he said. He then sadly punched me in the shoulder before getting off the bed and walking out the door.
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